Autographed by the Author

Want an autographed copy?

You can get a your own special copy of any or all of the three books (hardback only) autographed by the author. It’s easy, and you get a sticker that proves it’s authentic!

The cost is $16 for each hardback book. Then add a shipping and handling charge of $5 (for more than four books, add an extra $2 per book). Team Cheesie will pay the sales tax, if any.


When you send your request, be sure to include the following information:

1. Mailing address:
Make sure you tell me where your autographed book(s) will get sent. Zip code, too. Thanks.

2. Which hardcover book(s) do you want…and how many.

Not a Genius or Anything
Cool in a Duel
Running Like Crazy!
Not Exactly Famous

3. Your name:
Unless you tell me otherwise, I’ll inscribe your book: “For [Your Name]…” with an autograph under it. But if you want something different, tell me exactly what you want. It could be something like:

“For Gloria and Francine Bootwater” or
“For Kenny… Keep on reading!”

Or whatever. But be sure to print everything carefully so I don’t make a mistake (because sometimes people squish letters in cursive and “Jaime” could look like “Jamie”.) If you don’t want a name, tell me and your book will be autographed…nothing else (which is also okay).

4. Payment:

Make your check out to Steve Cotler and mail it, along with your inscription instructions, and return mailing address to:

Cheesie Mack
P.O. Box 1191
Healdsburg, CA 95448

Sorry, no PayPal yet (When? scroll to the bottom of this page for info).

And if you already own a copy and want it autographed, mail your book (or books) to the address above with the correct shipping and handling fee and inscription info (as described above).

Please allow four weeks for return. Thanks!


NOTE: These are things Cheesie can’t do:

1. CANNOT send to addresses outside of the United States, (unless it’s an APO address, that’s cool). Maybe someday, but not right now.

2. WILL NOT inscribe your book with anything mean or nasty.

3. NO CHANCE of getting a BLART sandwich with your book. Someone asked, and I checked with my mom and she said no way was she going to lay that mess on some other mom, so sorry, you’ll have to make your own.

4. NOT YET accepting PayPal. Not yet. Soon, though. Definitely before the end of summer. Want to find out when? Like this page on Facebook (there will be an announcement when Team Cheesie’s PayPal is working), or check back to this site. I’ll make a note on my home page in my NEW STUFF section when the instructions for PayPal are here.