New Stuff on my website

  • You can get “Georgie 4 President” Stickers…FREE?

    It’s easy. Wear them at school. Your friends will want them, too!

  • Lots More Grandparent Nicknames!

    Lots (I mean it!) of new grandparents’ nicknames went onto my list in March, so check out the growing-larger-every-day list…and enter your own.

  • Author Visits for 2014

    It’s me…Cheesie Mack. I am going home after visiting 12 schools in Seattle. And I’m going back to Chicagoland soon. Yippee!

    Want me to come to your school? Have your teacher or librarian contact me.

  • More Cool Words…

    If you submitted a cool word…and I liked it…it’s on the list. Check them out.

  • Learn How to Short-Sheet a Bed

    Georgie finally drew the diagrams!

  • Your Favorite Movie Candy?

    I’m doing a poll.

  • Autographed Books Available

    Want #1…or #2 or #3 or the newest #4? Click here.

  • Georgie’s Toe Toss Trick

    A kid commented that he did Georgie’s backwards toe toss trick on the first try! Another said it took him 100 tries!

  • All the way from 1869!

    A reader sent me a very old, very cool coin. Check it out »