#2-Marci’s texting

Marci’s texting: who, what, or why?

In the last chapter of Cheesie Mack Is Cool in a Duel, I wrote:

After I hung up I realized there was one thing about the Hack I never understood. If there was no twin brother Marcus, who or what was Marci texting? If you have an idea, please go to my website and tell me.

So, what do you think was going on?

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. Maybe she was texting Lana or one of her friends about Georgie and Cheesie (you) you know, how cute you guys are. And probably saying that she likes Georgie and that Lana likes you! (Cheesie)

    • Couldn’t have been Lana because Lana was there with her.
      (I don’t want to think about the rest of what you wrote.)

  2. Maybe she was texting her mom about camp, says my brother. I think maybe playing games/doing something other than texting and wanted an exuse to do so.

  3. I bet she was a technology obsessed girl who couldn’t live without playing a video game or something. She probably got addicted to some game and wanted to play it everyday. That’s it. No big secret. Just a video game.

  4. It was noone. Thats why she was texting so fast and said it was privite. she just made it all up as a cover story the night she meet gorgie with lana probily

  5. it could have ben her DAD she probably does not get to see him alot because she lives with her MOM she probably misses her dad u know what im saying?

  6. Maybe Marci was just sneak texting her friends because she couldn’t live without technology? Your books are all very exciting and good. i can’t get enough of you!

  7. She really wanted to text her friends because they were all together ahving fun and she was at a camp with no electronics.

  8. I think she had a boyfriend named Marcus and he broke his legs and your grandpa just wanted to see if you can become friends with Kevin and somebody took the spot.

  9. It may not be someone of importance because Marci could have as easily have an excuse for am important person. Funny how as I was typing, I completely forgot my reasoning!