#2-How to play Roboto

How to Play Roboto

This is a very cool game to play with a friend you can trust. (Georgie and I pronounce it row-BOAT-oh, not row-BOT-oh.)

One person is the robot (Roboto Boy). The The other is the Computer Vision Controller (CVC).

Here’s what I wrote in my book:

Roboto Boy has to keep his eyes closed—no peeking!—while the CVC gives him directions. The object is for Roboto Boy to walk and move like a robot and get where he’s supposed to go without falling or crashing, and especially without opening his eyes.

This might sound like an easy game, but trust me, it is not. It’s almost impossible to keep your eyes closed. Something in your brain makes you want to open them. And the longer you keep them shut, the harder it gets.

Here are the commands:

Movement—Forward, Stop
Direction—Straight, Right, Left, Reverse
Speed/Amount—Full, Half, Mini

As an example, I will translate Georgie’s CVC commands to Roboto Boy (me) in the book.

(I was already walking as Roboto Boy when the CVC gave this sequence of commands.)

Straight Half = Continue in the direction you’re facing at half speed.
Right Mini = Keep walking at the same speed and turn a tiny bit to the right.
Stop = Stop (duh!)
Right Mini = Do not start walking, but turn a tiny bit to the right.
Forward Full = Begin walking in the direction you’re facing at full speed.

Georgie holds the record. With me as the CVC, he walked across a park for four minutes and three seconds without opening his eyes once!

Let me know how you do by commenting below. And if you come up with any new rules, please tell me.

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. Cool try it out. But you have to be careful when Georgie is your cvc because he can make you go places that are forbidden

  2. Sounds like fun! my friends and I play a similar game. It’s called Blind Walk but my other friends call it Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan.

  3. you did say that you wanted us to give you new rules if we came up with any
    and i came up with one…so if you wanted 2 players you could give them a code name like you could say j4 right mini then f6 forward full cool?

  4. I tried this. I used a Lego Mindstorms set with the “eyes” as a guide, and when it moved it said commands to move. Do THAT in your “robotics club.” Anyways, I got to a high-score of 20 minutes and about 40 seconds… Then my robot led me into a tree. Robots aren’t that accurate… I’d use VEX, but those don’t have actual sensors or “control centers.”

  5. The book Cool in a duel is so cool because it is awsome because it has Cheesie and Georgie and they get bullied by Kevin Gunes Boyfriend which they both go to different camps and Cheesies Uncle is the boys camp owner and they go to camp every year and Kevin bullies Cheesie and Georgie and the boys are stuck in the cabin with Kevin, Gunes boyfriend.