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What is your favorite food? Would you like to vote in my poll?

(This is NOT a poll for favorite snack or dessert. Maybe I’ll do that on an other webpage someday.)

The choices are in alphabetical order. Pick one! But if you or anyone else in your house has already voted, you don’t get to vote again (all the voting choices will disappear…cool, huh?). You can come back to look at the poll results as many times as you want.

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. i ate soy bugs and they were really good i cooked them and dipped in some spider legs with lizard juice
    you should try it sometime. after i grilled some chicken feet and cow eyes.

    • eeeeeeexuse me you don’t even know if i tried it because you don’t even know me AND I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!! snap snap mmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm

  2. i want to read your next book really bad. i have a sister that is mean and if I do something really good she says she did it when I actually do it. the good thing is she goes crazy with me sometimes. Say hi to georgie for me.

  3. my favorite foods are pizza straw berrys and brocoli i like my brocoli cooked. i dont know if i can eat you but i think you mean the mac and cheese. what state do you live in because we call soy bugs roly polys

    • I live in Massachusetts, like it says in my book. And of course Cheesie Mack is not exactly the same as mac ‘n’ cheese!

  4. Hey Cheesie!Well since my favorite food isn’t listed i’ll tell you.My favorite food is from a place down the block from my old house called the ranchero.At least I think that’s what it’s called anyway.And my favorite food from their is the chicken quessadilla!It’s so juicy and mouthwatering.You should go there some day to see if my virdict is right!Oh well, bye Cheesie and say hi to Goon and Georgie for me!

  5. ilove you soooooooooooooooo much!
    you make me so so so so happy.
    i love your book.
    i read alot so i read the whole book.

    thank you so much for coming to kendale elementry school

  6. hey cheesie i know who you are. you came to my school wiley canyon and talked to the 5th graders. so i got your book and i really liked it. your a coolio guy. :)I cant WAIT til your next book!!