#1-Sow Bugs

Sow Bugs

Sow bugs are my favorite “insects,” mainly because they are not insects. They are actually crustaceans, like lobster and shrimp. Here’s what they look like, just in case you don’t know what a sow bug is.

Sow bug is the name I learned, but in science we learned there lots of other names for the same non-insect: roly-poly, pill bug, woodlouse, etc. If you have other names or know something really interesting about them, please comment below.

I did a report on sow bugs. Here it is.

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. I call “sow bugs” roly-polies and I have a funny story about them.
    When I was little, I saw a mother roly poly and when she was crawling she was leaving behind white, little baby roly-polies. I showed my mom and she got all excited about how the roly-poly was giving “live birth”. Well, we looked it up and found out about the mothers carrying around their babies in pouches. My mom was very embarrassed.

  2. I call them potato bugs or rolypolys rock’n’rollys in Ohio near Cleveland. Do u have special names where u come from

    • Most kids here call them pill bugs, but I call them sow bugs because that’s what Granpa taught me when I was little.

  3. i live in south carolina and i usually call them ‘roly poly’ or ‘pill bug’. i have never heard of the saying ‘sow bugs’.

  4. I know I’m not related to your science teacher or anything but MY last name is Amato too…so when i saw it I was like WHAT!!! And maybe your science teacher can relate to this (Maybe you could ask him for me) Lots of people spell Amato wrong even the computer i wonder if he has the same problem?