#2-Strange names for body parts

Have you ever stubbed your hallux? And do you know where your axilla is? And if you stuck your nares under water, what would happen?

Amaze your friends with weird body knowledge! It’s called anatomy.

On this page, I have written down the strange (and true!) names for lots of parts of the body.

  1. iris—colored part of the eye.
  2. pinna—visible part of the ear.
  3. canthus—corners on either side of the eye, right where the upper and lower lids come together.
  4. glabella—flat area just above the nose, in between the eyebrows.
  5. naris—nostril (plural = nares).
  6. frenum—skinny band of tissue that connects the floor of the mouth to the underside of the tongue.
  7. gnathion—lowest point of the chin.
  8. pate—top of the head, crown.

  1. clavicle—collar bone
  2. axilla—armpit
  3. thorax—the part of the chest where the ribs are
  4. condyle—knuckle
  5. navel—bellybutton
  6. coccyx—tailbone (in the back)
  7. patella—kneecap
  8. hallux—big toe

You can comment on these weird names—and add your own—but please remember my parents, grandparents, and Aunt Brenda read all the comments, so don’t be rude or nasty.

Comments from my Readers & Friends

    • A new girl moved to my school from…Syria. And her name was Columella Nasi.
      (just kidding…but it’s a v cool name.)

  1. gluteos maximus means “butt!” Oh, and sorry about your parents, grandparents and aunt bRENDA for this comment, Chee-chee!

  2. Uvula- fleshy punching bag that hangs in your throat.
    Septum- piece of skin separating the two nostrils
    Sacrum- hip bones

    • Goods one…the first two. But your sacrum is the bone at the very bottom of your spine, sometimes called your tailbone.

  3. Do you remember Lincoln School Highland Park Ill? Im a student and I met you last year. Do you remember me Noah Weiss 4th grade (now)?

  4. Wow! I never knew there were sooooooooo many difficult words for names of body parts. Its cool.