#2-“Double Wobbly” story

The “Double Wobbly” Story

Here’s the beginning of the story I wrote called “The Legend of Double Wobbly.”

Twilight had come down fast, darkening the steep roadway. I skated over the top of Ichabod Hill and rolled downward, picking up speed. I could hear dogs in faraway backyards barking and howling at the setting sun. Carving a tight line down the curving road, I shot downhill faster and faster, rapidly approaching the dangerous twists of Double Wobbly. Suddenly a wave of bad feeling came over me. It wasn’t fear exactly…more of a strange, demented sadness. I could not continue. I dug in, grinding my board to a stop.

Just at that moment the distant dogs went silent, and a nearby rasp of wheels on pavement caught my ear. I looked uphill. There, concealed in a shadow cast by a dark cloud, a towering figure stood on a glowing skateboard.

My hair rose in terror. Was it the demon of Double Wobbly? Could I outrace this evil? I was fast on my board…but was I fast enough?

At that moment the cloud moved away, and I could see my pursuer.

My heart went cold. The dude on the skateboard had no head!

*     *     *     *     *

I don’t know what comes next. If you have an idea, go for it! Write it up below.

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. I ran for my life.He was getting closer………AND closer……….I ran around the corner untillllllllllll…………………….BAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMM. All the sudden guy with no head crashes into me…..and then I blacked out

  2. I was petrified at that moment, I didn’t know what to do, I thought fast, then, I had a good idea, I don’t know if it will work, but at least it might stall him. I tripped him by the wheels and then he went flying into the air. He did a somersault and landed on to the top of the tree. I then told everyone in the camp with a megaphone (don’t ask why because found it lying on the floor) and I said, ” OH MY CHEESE DOODLES, ITS DOUBLE WOBBLY!!!” so then everyone (except for Goon) came out and started laughing. Why? Because Double Wobbly was falling from the tree and landed straight into a frozen pool of water. Then, the water tuned into ice cream. Everyone was happy and stuffed themselves with ice cream. Finally, everyone in cabin H cheered for Cheesie and then Cheesie won the cool duel.

  3. My heart practically pounded out of my chest. I ran as fast as my legs would take me. Suddenly he whooshed by me and reached out his ugly hands. Then he ripped of his neck revealing it was Goon. She had her head under a towel. But i got my revenge, because i had called the police and won the points game. Yahoo!

  4. I run. Faster than I ever went. But he chases me. And the wind whooshes away the clothing to reveal… Goon! She had a head, just tucked under the cloth. She let out a haughty laugh. I’d get revenge, I thought. And I did. I did.

    • I started to sprint away, then I threw my board to the ground to move away… I fell. It caught up to me!
      I wake up in bed in cold sweat, I open my door to go downstairs, OH MY GOD! THE HEADLESS RIDER IS THERE IN MY HALLWAY!
      I wake up yet again, I’m scared I roll over to see… THE HEADLESS SKATEBOARD RIDER!

  5. Terror gripped my heart, as I jerked the board to the right. Bad move. It slipped from underneath, and I fell off, tumbling like a tumbleweed in the wind. Scrambling up, I started running back up the street. I didn’t dare look back, but I could feel “it’s” presence. I thought it was floating, like a ghost, but I knew that wasn’t the case.
    “It’s board must be superb!” I thought dreamily, then snapped back into the harsh reality I was facing. This was a completely on adrenaline. My house came into view. Time slowed down. Everything was a blur. My eyes narrowed onto the white door that looked slightly ajar. I can make it! I know I can!
    Suddenly, I woke up to Goon screaming her head off, head completely red. I stared at her, for a second. It was as if the adrenaline hadn’t died down in me, and in a split second, I threw a pillow at her. And, for some weird reason, I was wishing that I was still running from the demon of Double Wobbly. Sighing, I threw myself back onto my bed, as I tried ever hard to get the dream back. It never did… Or did it..?

  6. I tried to run , but I couldn’t because he held me there with his mind.I was very scarared(scared + scared). He started to strangle me. I was kidding about that, he just pulled me closer. He took out a jack hammer,and tried to hit me.Turns out we were in the middle of a road.The car hit him and blew him into smitherines and was about to hit me, but instead it went through me. I went home and found out the demon had turned me into a ghost.

  7. Okay, that’s not exactly true. He had a head, but it was hidden by his black hood. He pulled it off, and it was…Kevin Welch!

  8. Wow, I think I just saw the Headless Hombie,

    * * *
    So I was at school I told all my friends they thought I was kidding about seeing the Headless Hombie, Well…
    I wasn’t (Woo Hoo 😒) Time for social study’s class, and then science that was done at: 9:40am and my school starts at: 5:00! 😱

    • Here’s the rest of it:
      The bell rang, After school I walked home.
      The next day on T.V I watched the news I heard that some one killed the the headless Hombie I was happy. That’s all Chiesie Mack I think u should put that in with izzy’s part ok please hopefully that happens
      Tell me if it’s a yes or no when u get to it!

  9. Oh jeez, I thought as I saw the Headless Homie (his name) approach me. I didn’t know what he was going to do. The legend says either he gives you the best boarding skills ever, or he curses your boards so that you feel sad whenever you try to board. My head was pounding as he got closer…and closer…and then ground his glowing board to a stop.
    “Sup dude,” he said, in a booming voice that came from where his mouth should have been. “Show me your best moves..or else.”
    At this point I was shaking. I didn’t know what to do. I hopped on my board and started away with a triple wheelie. He watched me as I did a flipskid and a 540-degree turn.
    Then I felt his icy breath on my back.
    “Rad, bro,” he said. “But can you do a double wobbly?”
    I heard what sounded like an owl. I was utterly confused and terrified. I grabbed the Headless Homie’s board and yelled, “Can so!” I didn’t know what a double wobbly was. I felt myself wiggling and flipping and skidding with the power of his board.
    “Now that was a double wobbly,” he said. He touched my board and it glowed. He took back his and disappeared into the night.
    Now I have awesome skateboarding powers, a glowing board….
    and no head. Just like….
    THE DEMON OF DOUBLE WOBBLY (scary music plays)
    –the end–

  10. i think that the demon takes his skateboard and throws it at the guy, who’s name is jennifer lopez, and he gets his head chopped of while he farts in terror.