#2-“Double Wobbly” story

The “Double Wobbly” Story

Here’s the beginning of the story I wrote called “The Legend of Double Wobbly.”

Twilight had come down fast, darkening the steep roadway. I skated over the top of Ichabod Hill and rolled downward, picking up speed. I could hear dogs in faraway backyards barking and howling at the setting sun. Carving a tight line down the curving road, I shot downhill faster and faster, rapidly approaching the dangerous twists of Double Wobbly. Suddenly a wave of bad feeling came over me. It wasn’t fear exactly…more of a strange, demented sadness. I could not continue. I dug in, grinding my board to a stop.

Just at that moment the distant dogs went silent, and a nearby rasp of wheels on pavement caught my ear. I looked uphill. There, concealed in a shadow cast by a dark cloud, a towering figure stood on a glowing skateboard.

My hair rose in terror. Was it the demon of Double Wobbly? Could I outrace this evil? I was fast on my board…but was I fast enough?

At that moment the cloud moved away, and I could see my pursuer.

My heart went cold. The dude on the skateboard had no head!

*     *     *     *     *

I don’t know what comes next. If you have an idea, go for it! Write it up below.

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. I looked at the monster in terror! It seemed so huge! I then ran, as fast as i could, but he was gaining on me! Oh no! As he was only inches away i made a sharp turn to the book shop. I ran in even though no one was there. It was weird that the door was open, i wonder why? Then as i was thinking i remembered, wait, oh yeah i am being chased by a monster! I ran rapidly toward a big shelf of books and hid behind it. As i shivered, i heard a noise. It was the demon! I stood there as quiet as i could, i could hear books falling down and the footsteps of the demon. I accidentally made a noise. Oh no! I didn’t mean to do that! The demon growled and walked near where i was standing, suddenly, it walked away! That was a close one! The demon walked out of the store and hopped on its skateboard. Whew! I decided i should follow it, maybe it has been stealing things or kidnapping people! I followed it down a dark alley and i heard barking! About a hundred dogs walked out and headed toward the demon. Then, the demon took off its head! Oh! It was a dog! That’s why it growled! Then all the dogs walked toward me and licked me to death (Not literally!) I shouldn’t have been scared of it! It was just a dog! Oh well! Then i walked home happily and went back to being tortured by goon! HAHA! Just kidding! I went home and it was bedtime so i went to sleep. What an interesting day!

  2. I introspected (means looked USE THIS WORD CHEESIE) at the balrog (means demon) and he was moving straight toward me! I skateboarded off, but he was faster. Then, he caught me, and I had to spend the rest of my life in the dungeon, with only a skeleton to keep me company.

  3. As I looked in terror I finally realized he was
    heading towards my home.I secretly followed him.
    Out in the road there was a pile of skateboards!
    I regonized a few . So that dude was stealing
    skateboards !!

  4. Then out of the breeze came a pumpkin! Then he did the double wobbly except he jumped and he flew he reached for my head, and reached for his pupmkin head and threw it! I tripped and screamed.beep beep beep.

  5. I scampered around, hoping the beast wouldn’t see me. All of a sudden, an eerie, echoing sound rang through my ears. Then, I jumped. Double Wobbly was right behind me, sending shivers up my spine! Suddenly, he attacked, pouncing above me. It would soon be my end…

    “Wake up! You’re going to be late for school!”

  6. I think you should have to run and run as the beast approches you jump out of the way he turns around and you start running and then the cloud is gone and you get into your house and you wake up and it was just a dream.# I HOPE YOU LIKE IT CHEESIE MACK

  7. “double wobbley is chasing me help me please!” I cried nobody was there I was running for my life. I stopped when I though I lost him. Turns out I didn’t loose him. I screamed! I told him “let me go. I am to young to die” he almost got me but I got away. If he got me I would not be writing this right now if u see double wobbley run don’t stop keep going

  8. “It’s the Double wobbly!I’m gonna die!!!!!!” I cried Unfortunetly I couldn’t escape and that was the end of me. Soon I found out the curse. The curse was if you are killed by the Double wobbly you become the Double wobbly. Now I will come to torment you.OH NO I’M CHANGING I’M CHANGING HELP ME HELp Me HElP me Help me help me joiaskchikudjhcx

  9. I was scared out of my mind for sure. No doubt of that; My stomach felt queasy and my heart started up again it currently beating against my chest like a stick hitting a drum. Then I realized that it was getting closer and closer. I did the only thing that came into my mind. I scateboarded for my life! Honestly my pursuer was out of control. He skidded to the left and wiggled to the right. He was fast though! I took a sharp left into a narrow path. If I thought it through it was a dumb idea. I rolled over twigs and leave occasionally hitting a rock here and there. I made a lot of noise and I didn’t even know where I was any more. I turned around the lunatic stopped following me now. I breathed in a sigh of relief-now I had to figure out where in the world I was. I yelled or I thought I did for help. I was so afraid and the only light that guided my way was the moon. It was a full moon so it helped a little. I kept walking in the direction of the path then… I had came to a neighbor hood. To be exact, the neighbor hood I lived in my whole life. My house was in front of me. I opened up the back gate and trotted inside clearly happy I was home again.

  10. I was walking home with my skateboard, then I saw double wobbly. I took off on my skateboard. I took a long pathway with lots of sharp turns and rocks. I picked up some rocks and threw them at double wobbly’s arms (to make him lose balance), his legs (to make him fall off his skateboard), and I took a sharp turn and double wobbly hit a tree and he fell into a lake and stayed there.

  11. Ahead of me was a canyon.”Its my only chance”I thought and picked up speed.That dude is a couple meters behind me.I pull out a mega jump over the canyon.The dude follows but hit a rock just before the canyon and plunges into the darkness of the canyon.”I survived,”I thought,”I survived. Is this good enough?

  12. Please reply if you think my stories great. Sorry if I bothered you! I love your books and someday I want to be an author too, so please respond if you think the ending to this story is good. I’m only saying this because when I submitted my ending to the story I forgot to hit “replies to my comments” and I don’t know how to change that. I really really really really don’t mean to bother you. Your awesome! Bye!

  13. I raced down the road panicking. My heart was beating faster and faster. The dog sounds were getting louder and louder. I had no idea how long this would go on. Suddenly a huge wall stood in my way. I hadn’t noticed it because I was too scared the headless man was going to catch me. My board wouldn’t stop. It was like the headless skateboarder was controlling my skateboard, or not letting me stop. I tried to think of what to do. Finally it hit me, I had to jump. I leaped high into the foggy dark sky and landed in a bush. I watched as my favorite skateboard and the monster collided into the wall. I knew it was the end. I walked home with only a few bumps and bruises. At least it was all over.

  14. I ran into a house. There was a kid playing Minecraft on the Xbox 360 with “LibraryWarrior1” and “LibraryWarrior2″. The kid’s name was Kelly. She invited me in. Then the headless horseman skater ran in. He ran and destroyed the TV. He walked out and said,”I’m sorry! Bye now!” So I became friends with Kelly and we played Minecraft together.


  15. I raced home with him only feet behind me I reach my house just in time. later that night … lightning flashed it was the dude with no head ! Every thing went black…