#2-License Plate Alphabet Race game

Lots of times, on bus rides or long car trips, kids play smartphone or computer games.  But those games are almost always solitary pastimes. What if you want to do something with friends? Here’s a cool travel game my dad taught me.

You can have any number of players, even grown-ups. The winner is the first to get from A to Z, using only the letters you spot on license plates.

• You have to go in alphabetical order. (No skipping around.)

• License plates must be moving. (If a car is parked or stopped, no can use!)

• Any license plate counts. (I once beat Georgie with a Z on a motorcycle!)

• The letters must be part of the license plate number, not any other words on the plate. (You cannot use the X on the word Texas on a Texas plate, for example.)

• If two or three successive letters are on the same license plate, you can use all of them. (For example: if you need a D, and the next plate you see is 872NED, you get both the D and the E, and you get to jump to F.)

• If the letter you are searching for occurs twice on the same license plate, you get that letter plus a wild card which you can use (just once!) to skip over any letter you choose whenever you wish. (For example: if you need a G, and the next plate you see is GHG5269, you get your G and a wild card.)

• If the letter you are searching for occurs three times on the same license plate, game over! You win! (This has never happened to me or Georgie.)

• License plates may be used only once and only by one player. First to see it, gets it. (If a license plate that’s been used reappears, and it has a letter you need, too bad.)

• No cheating! You are on your honor. (C’mon! It’s just a game. Play fair!)

• These are the Cheesie rules. If you want to change them, go ahead. (But all the players should agree, right?)

Please tell me about your License Plate Alphabet Race Games or any other travel games you like.

Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. I play a game called the animal gama what u do is u think of an animal and u say the beginning letter and then other people start guessing animals that start with that letter whoever guesses the right animal gets to think of an animal next

  2. I have a game called “honk”. Whenever you pass a car parked or moving you say honk.(this is mostly for bus trips cause its really annoying).

  3. A game i like 2 play(sometimes anyway) is where u try to find all 50 state’s licence plates. My sister and her boyfriend r really good at it!

  4. This game is so fun! My sister and I played on our way to LA. Sadly I did not win but it was still fun. I play a license plate game with my sister where you try to spot any state besides your own state in the car and when you do find one you punch each other lightly on the arm.

  5. i like the part when you shot the shoot the pudding filled balloon at your sister i am going to do that to my sister

    • Because the rules say: “If the letter you are searching for occurs three times on the same license plate, game over! You win!” So if you saw this license plate when you needed an A, you would win!

    • Why would there be a lack of Z’s? There are Z’s as part of licenses plates in every state.

  6. My family always plays a game called pedidal.pu-did-ul.If you see a car with one headlight out you shout “pedidal!!”

  7. every time my family go’s on road trips we play the license plate game but usally we lose the score and my brothers and I start fighting and then we have to play the quiet game! i dont like that game…

  8. First, my website isn’t ready yet. So don’t go there and say “jay is a weirdo for lying to me!” . Maybe you can combine it with the state game (I like this one better though!)