#2-Marci’s texting

Marci’s texting: who, what, or why?

In the last chapter of Cheesie Mack Is Cool in a Duel, I wrote:

After I hung up I realized there was one thing about the Hack I never understood. If there was no twin brother Marcus, who or what was Marci texting? If you have an idea, please go to my website and tell me.

So, what do you think was going on?

Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. Cheesie my other question is why are you angry? Remember you agreed so I think no offence but this is your fault.

      • I think so because when you confronted Marci you kind of told it like you were mad.
        Is they gonna be the 6th book? I have read the 5th book I need the 6th adventure book please Cheesie please. How old are you please send me information about you this year and I really enjoy your books.

        • I am almost 12.
          I do not know if there will be a 6th book.
          I am so busy in middle school.
          I’m thinking about it.

  2. Cheesie can I ask you a question? If it’s a yes then why did you agree? Is it because you love Lana?

  3. I think that she was texting her boyfriend because she wanted to text every day or maybe she was talking to her mother but I think she would have told you so I think it is the boyfriend. I think she was telling her boyfriend that she doesn’t love him any more, don’t know.

  4. I think that Marci was texting Georgie. She didn’t want you to know so when you looked over to see what she was writing she said it was private. Also, Lana told you on the phone the reason they did the Hack was because Marci liked Georgie.

  5. We think that Marci was ordering beauty products to impress Georgie….especially at the dance!

    • I don’t think that’s right because she really really wanted to do it often…and she’d have to be addicted to some game to beg that much.

  6. She may have been texting trying to win a give aways she was moving fast so maybe she was trying to be early so she would be noticed.

    Your Biggest Book Fan Tayvien

  7. Georgie was at the door she could have been taking pictures of him, then sending it to her friends.

  8. I think Marci was texting her friends or parents because she was either afraid and it was her first year at camp, or she is just to clingy to her friends and an’t stop texting. if your like me i wouldn’t be able to stop texting either.

    sincerly, one of your book fans, Natalie

  9. I think that marci was texting her mom and her mom was telling her the answers to the tests or helping her review for her test. Also a clue that marci did not have a brother is that because she said do not look at my phone. It is a secret.

    • Maybe…but it was summer, and I do not think Marci was studying for any tests.

  10. If her parents were divorced, like mine, her twin could’ve lived with their dad and when you asked her she probably stormed off because she might feel very uncomfortable talking about the divorce and how her bro doesn’t live with her. And she really was looking forward to seeing him away from the adults.

    • That’s really good thinking, but wouldn’t she have sworn she had a brother when I exposed her lie?

  11. Maybe she really was texting her brother. She might have just not been comfortable talking about him. Maybe when you asked her about him, she got nervous and gave you the wrong info. And she might have stormed off because you didn’t believe her. And she might not go back to that camp due to bad experiences.