#5-Favorite Camp Games

Having Fun at Camp

Ag Field Day/ Rutgers Day 09

I don’t have any pictures of us guys at camp doing the egg toss, but I found this picture of hundreds of people at Rutgers University (that’s in New Jersey). They claim they have the world’s biggest egg toss contest!

Georgie and I go to camp in Maine every summer. If you read my first or second books, for sure you already know that.

At Camp Windward we play lots of super-fun games.

In Chapter 13 (“Rat Sandwich”), I wrote all about an egg toss challenge between me and my sister. Egg toss is usually a very cool game that requires lots of skill and concentration…and lots and lots of clean up! Playing egg toss with Goon was…well, if you read the book, you know how it turned out!

Cotl_9780385369886_art_154_r1Do you have an outdoor or campfire game you really like that usually doesn’t get played at school or home? Maybe you could tell me about it.

Please comment below.


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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. Literal Color War. You have two (or more)teams of different colors (I’ll use black (my favorite color) and orange (your favorite color) for this example, but you can use any colors you like) and two water weapons filled with different colored dyes in respective team colors. The goal is to try and color your opponent as much as possible without getting too colored yourself. This works best if everyone wears white clothing. It’s also a great birthday party idea since everyone gets t-shirts for party favors!

  2. My favorite is something called “paint ninja”. To play ninja, everyone stands in a circle and tries to tag other people without moving their feet. Sort of like ninja chops. But what made it so cool was we dipped our hands in paint beforehand. So we all kind of wound up smearing each other. One girl even dripped paint on my head! (I did it to her first though.)
    I also saw this game on TV called “alphabet goop”. Teams have to find letters buried in vats of slime and then try to spell certain words.
    Bet you and Georgie would love them!

  3. I love espionage and it is when it is like 12:00 and you try to hide and get into a special area and try to get points I just love it

    • I love Capture the Flag. One time we were playing at camp, and it was getting dark…and Georgie slid right through a pile of cow manure. HA!