#5-Best Halloween Costumes

Best Halloween Costumes Ever

Cotl_9780385369886_art_184_r1One of the things that makes Halloween fun and weird is wearing costumes. I told you all about what Georgie and I wore.

Please describe the best costume you ever wore.


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Comments from my Readers & Friends

    • I think it would be VERY COOL to be completely NINJA-like…all in black…and then sneak up to front doors on Halloween without being seen. (But would you still get candy?)

  1. I was a homemade ghostbuster. It was really cool, I had a vacuum that fired out fake fireworks, a box on my back with wires and even a ghost busters suit! No mean to brag, I lost track of how many compliments I got on it…

  2. I painted my face up with lots of makeup and went as a “vampire mermaid”. What’s funny is that it managed to scare a bunch of teenagers, but little toddlers didn’t so much as squeal!

  3. OK this is one my friend wore it was a skull face and it was scary he wore it to a spook house (link : scaryprariepines.com) and he scared a bunch of people with it.
    Pretty cool Cheesie?

  4. This year, I have to be a lion(an idea my neighbors came up with). At least I don’t have to be Thing One from The Cat in the Hat.

  5. This year, I’ll be Sabine Wren from Star Wars Rebels. This will be the number one costume that will succeed over my princess and vampire costumes!