#5-Like or No Like?

Like…or No Like?


Okay…so you’ve finished reading my fifth adventure.


If you’ve also read the previous four, you’ve gone through over 1,100 pages of Cheesie writing!

What did you think? 

Comment below, and if I’m not too busy, I’ll try to write back.




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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. There is one thing I wanted to ask you: Do you like getting dirty/messy? It seems you get that way in a lot of your books and you seem to enjoy it. Especially if it involves mud.
    (Not bashing you though, I loved mud when I was eleven!)

  2. Hey cheesie. I love the book’s.can you send a selfie of you and georgie?you are the best writer ever!your books are amaztastic(amazing+ fantastic).are you winning the point battle?see you soon.

    • My mom, my Aunt Brenda (boss of my website), and my publisher all say I can only show drawings of myself…like in my books. That’s because of privacy and junk like that. Sorry.

  3. Hi cheesie my teacher Mrs.magnent knows your author we are almost done reading book 5 it is really good 🤓

  4. Can you pls make another book? Your books are amazing!!!! Just asking…you don’t have to answer..but how old exactly are you? Because when you made ur first book, you were pretty young.. BUT YOU’RE SO AMAZING!!! Again, pls make another book!

  5. Hello Cheesie,

    I know you were sad about the Plan It prank because Diana uninvited you but then,
    you and Georgie had done some magic AMAZING!!!!!!!

  6. That was the best book ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have got to make a sixth book!!!!! I am also using your book in a homework assignment. It is called: Why CHEESIE MACK is sort of freaked out is the best book ever! Also you should watch me and my friends youtube channel. It is called: BubProductions

  7. Hey Cheesie! It’s me, again! I wanted to say that instead of just Thanksgiving you should make it about Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years! I also have a good book title. Cheesie Mack is in the Holiday Spirit! I like it! How about you? Thanks Cheesie!