#1-1909 Pennies

1909 Pennies

A 1909 penny is really important in the Cheesie Mack Is Not a Genius or Anything story.

In 1909, there were six different pennies minted in the United States. The government started out making Indian Head cents, then switched to Lincoln cents with VDB (the designer’s initials) on the back. After a couple of days, the initials were removed. Since both the Philadelphia and San Francisco mints produced each of these one-cent coins, there were six different cents made in 1909. In total, the two mints produced about 118 million one-cent coins in 1909. In 2010, the U.S. mints produced over four billion one-cent coins!

Here are pictures of all six 1909 coins.

About 14 million 1909 Indian Head cents were minted in Philadelphia.

1909 Indian Head cents from San Francisco are very valuable. Only 309,000 were made.

About 28 million 1909 VDB Lincoln cents were minted in Philadelphia.

1909-S VDB Lincoln cents from San Francisco are really rare. Only 484,000 were produced.

Lots and lots of 1909 Lincoln cents with no VDB were minted in Philadelphia…almost 73 million.

Just under 2 million 1909-S Lincoln cents with no VDB were minted in San Francisco.

If you know something interesting about coins (especially 1909 Lincoln cents), please tell me below.

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      • Yep! I’m in sixth grade and am writing another book about what happened to me during the first couple of weeks. It’ll be book #3, but I do not have a title yet.

  1. Hey Cheesie! Do you know that the letters v.d.b. stand for.Victor David Brenner.
    your computer wiz friend, Ashley

  2. I am soooooooo confused. the page says that 309,000 Indian head-S were made and 484,000 Lincoln vbd-S cents were made. if 484,000>309,000, why is everybody
    saying the Lincoln vbd-S is the most valuable if less Indian head-S were made ???????? ?:(

  3. JC & Keni–
    Amazing, huh? That means the one-cent coin was worth 220,000 times as much as you could spend it for! Amazing!

  4. Wow! I heard some pennies were worth a hundred dollars, but i never knew they could be worth $2,200! That is so crazy! Who knew but you Cheesie!

  5. I collect coins and I find it very fun because there are so many different kinds.