#1-Eureka Evidence Theories

Eureka Indentation

I never did figure out about why the word Eureka was dented into the paper that was wrapped around the 1909-S VDB Lincoln cent and the heart necklace? If you have a cool theory, please explain it below.

Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. Well the letter was sent form California, and “Eureka!” is the California state motto. I should know. I live there.

    • That’s true about the motto, but that doesn’t explain why it was punched into the blank paper.

  2. i think that it is because one of georgie’s parent didn’t want anyone to know what that part said.

  3. Eureka is California’s motto, and it’s the street name, too, right? So maybe she just wrote it there for a lot of reasons.
    Your website is really cool!

  4. Maybe, someone who knew her sister had connections to someone from the California gold rush mines. San Francisco came from an old boomtown, didn’t it?

  5. I think that maybe when Ms. Prott’s sister was writing the note, she had the extra piece of blank paper under the note she wrote to Ms. Prott. Since you never saw the note the sister wrote, you don’t know what she had written. She may have said something about Eureka, and it had indented through the paper. That is my theory.

    • That is very clever analysis. I like the theory. Lots of times I write on a pad and press hard enough to make a dent in the page below. Cool!

    • I don’t think this is a “duh” question. The word was pressed into the paper that was inside the envelope. So it must’ve been written by someone other than G.J. Prott. Sure, it might refer to her street, but why?

  6. Well… she did live on Eureka Avenue… so… maybe she… wrote her street just in case? :/

  7. Maybe Ms. Prott wrote the adress down so that if she lost it and a person found it they would go to Eureka Ave.

  8. maybe had to do with the sister being excited about the penny or maybe back in those days you had to put the address on the inside of the envelope.

    • Those are two good theories. I never heard about “inside the envelope,” but maybe… I’ll ask Granpa.