#1-Evidence in Goon’s Pocket

After my father looked in the back pocket of Goon’s shorts, he said, “Based on the evidence, I know exactly what occurred.”

Later I asked Dad about the evidence, but he said, “Case closed.”

It’s a mystery to me. If you have a good idea of what my Dad knew, please comment below.

Comments from my Readers & Friends

    • You may be right. My dad can be pretty tricky. He might not have seen anything, and just I asked. He wouldn’t tell.

  1. I don’t know what my dad really found (or if he found anything at all…he might’ve been bluffing my sister). But all your answers are pretty good possibilities.

  2. If they were stained into her pockets, how do you know that they were washed away? have you noticed any red patches in your clothes?

  3. OH! Also, when I leave paper in my pockets, it crumbles up and gets less colourful. Maybe she scooped the ticket out, but left one tiny pinkish crumble on the bottom.

  4. She probably had 1/4 of a wet stub in her pocket or something, because wet things (especially paper) stick.

  5. I think she threw them away when she entered the house that day but there may have been some type of stain in that spot unless she changed her pants.

  6. There might have been red ink or numbers that had rubbed of in her pants pocket after she got her pants wet.

  7. IF your dada wont tell,sneak into her room and steal her pants, then look inside, maybe these people are correct and the pants were stained!

    • Won’t work. Goon made sure they went into the washing machine immediately after Dad gave them back to her.

  8. Maybe her pants got wet at the party (remember the slip’n’slide) and some of the RED ink got on her pants pocket.

  9. Maybe when she threw them away dad saw some faded numbers from the ink and figured it out.

    • Nah, I don’t think so. Goon is really clever about her sneakiness. I am sure she would have thrown the ticket stubs away before she got home.