#1-Grandparent Nicknames

I have three living grandparents. Some kids have more, some have fewer.

The grandparent who lives in my house is my father’s father… Granpa. That’s a pretty common name for a grandparent. But like I said in my book, I have never met anyone who has a Gumpy or a Meemo. So, I am collecting grandparent nicknames in a list. If you want, you can tell me what you call your grandparents by typing them into the box below.


(NOTE: Please send me ONLY real nicknames.)

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    Once I get your nicknames, I’ll put them on the list, which you can view below (use the slider to move up and down) or in a new window by clicking here. But sorry…your names won’t be on the list immediately. I’m not allowed to work on my website until I finish my homework (that’s my mom’s rule), so check back in few days. If they’re still not there, then I’m probably super busy writing, so check back in a week or two. And if they used to be on my list, but now they’re gone…well, I had to make room for other kids.

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    Comments from my Readers & Friends

    1. Hey can’t wait for you to come on 12/19/11. I’m from Strawberry Elementary school are teacher read 1-3 like you told him. I need to read more!!!!!!

    2. Finished your first book in one day!
      Loved it, wanna read the second book!
      P.S. I know Steve Cotler he came to my school!

    3. Im a student at Stevenson Ranch Elementry and I am so excited that ur coming!!! My teacher read us chapters 1 and 0 and im sad that he didnt read more. I love so much (so far) that I ordered an autographed copy.Whats ur favorite color?

      • I am working on Book #3 right now! And when it’s done, how about I come to your school and read some of it to the students there? Hey! I think I saw your little brother riding a bike in the park near my house.

    4. Beep and Mummum are what my mom called my great-grandparents
      Beep- Grandfather

    5. Well I put Nona and Papa D on there cuz my granparents are Grandma and Grandpa. Nona and Papa D are what my nephew and neice call my parents.

    6. nicknames……hmmmm not so sure ok i got some: gramps….ok thats all i got!! tee hee