#1-Mailing a Letter 50 Years from Now

When Granpa was my age, it cost only 3¢ to mail a letter. When the letter Georgie found in his basement was originally mailed in the 1950s, it cost 4¢. Now mailing a one-ounce letter costs 49¢.

In Cheesie Mack Is Not a Genius or Anything, I wrote:

I wonder what it will cost to mail a letter fifty years from now…Maybe when I get enough guesses, I’ll put them into some kind of Internet time capsule, and fifty years in the future, if someone finds it, they’ll be able to see how close we were.

This page is as close to an “Internet time capsule” as I know how to build, so at the bottom of this page, you can make a guess.

Here’s a chart showing how the cost of mailing a letter has changed for almost the last 100 years.


 Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 8.58.16 AM

How much do you think it will cost 50 years from now?

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. As people are saying, there are a lot of cool things just waiting to happen! My dad said that they already started to make automatic cars! I think it will be all electronic… what do you think will happen Cheesie? And if you can, ask Georgie what he thinks will happen. PLEEEEEAAAASSSSSSSEEEEE!

  2. Sence 60 years is in the future, and things will probly be totally different the maybe the price to send a letter will go down and not up like today! So I think that maybe in 60 years from now, the price to send a letter will be about $15-$25 dollars.

  3. i think it would cost about $2.00. i hope not because that would cost alot of money. love cheesiemack.com.

  4. you wanna want to know what i think cheese person 88 cents.look here 50 is half of 100 88 is half of 44 so Kid is not guinuis or anything

  5. It’ll probably be free because with the technology rising In the industries and It’ll be electronic… With a robot helping you. We might not even have Post offices!

  6. I think fifty years from now most people will not use the mail service as much but they will still use because what if they want a magazine or the newspaper??You need a mail or newspaper service to do that .Also Cheesie what do you think postage will cost fifty years from now??

    • You might be right about that IF those magazine and newspapers are still being printed on paper.
      I am not going to say what my guess is because I don’t want to influence the vote.

      • Oh true they may not even be printed on paper. Also i can see now why you dont want to say what you think it will be to mail a letter.

  7. I did a math equation. 90 years is to 41 cents = 50 years to how many cents. (I used the calculator) And I found out it will be 23 mroe cents than it is now. so it was 67 cents!

  8. hi Cheesie!! today my class is going to meet Steve Cotler!! which is probably you!!! this book is awesome!! it is so funny!! today im going to buy one from you!! Please keep on writing more books and good luck with them!!

  9. I voted for “free because it’ll be electronic,” but that’s not my exact answer. I predict that there will be post offices and mailboxes and stuff like that, but nobody will ever need them because everyone will just use e-mail.