#1-Ms. or Mrs.

Picture 7I think Glenora Jean Prott was a Ms., not a Mrs., but maybe you have a different opinion.

Here’s the way I figured it:

1. She told us that she and Elaine were the Prott sisters.

2. That meant that they both had the same last name.

3. In the olden days women always changed their last name when they got married.

4. Glenora Jean was still a Prott, so she didn’t change her name.

5. Therefore, she never got married and was Ms. Prott.

Please tell me if you think I am wrong or you have a different way to figure this out.

Please comment below.

Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. I was sure it was because usually in heart necklaces that they have their husband in it but she didn’t.

  2. She might be a Mrs. cause maybe her sister married her husband’s brother.
    Right? That could happen.

  3. He probably would have died right!!!
    if he did wouldnt she talk about him or at least have some pictures?

  4. I thin she’s a Mrs., because my mom didn’t change her last name when she got married.

  5. It is possible that she got married, but then got divorced, therefore making it so that she changed her name back to Prott

  6. Glenora might of been a Mrs. because when women marry they don’t need to change there last names so she might be a Mrs.

    • She might have worn one when she was married and then removed it after her husband died.

  7. Yes, Ronald you could be right but there are many possibilitys you didn’t think over my example that could be likely is… That Ms./Mrs.Prott is or was married to a cousin. Now you may think that is and maybe as illegale in the olden days and current days but she could’ve gotten married in Virginia for it is not illegale there. You can even ask Gleen. (But you are the author not me so you make it how you want it)

  8. She might have
    A:Divorced with her husband
    B:she didn’t get married “in the old days” and neither of them changed their names
    C: in the same scenario as B, only the husband changed his last name to hers.
    Not sure. Definitely something worth thinking about!

  9. Just because her last name is Prott does not mean that her maiden last name was Prott. Maybe her husband’s last name is Prott and his sister married someone else who coincidentally his last name is Prott.

  10. I have three.

    1:She could have got divorced.
    2:She could have got maried and her husband might have changed his last name instead.
    3:Her husband might have died and she changed her last name back.