My Birthday

Delish! Lime-flavored filling between the cake layers. Yum!

My mom did not want any of us messing up the living room, so she put this sign up. The symbol at the bottom means radioactive danger. She fibbed. There was no radioactivity at my party.

At the very end of my book, I mentioned how super cool and very different my eleventh birthday party was. (August 16.) It was a science party. If you think a science birthday party would be maximum nerdy, you’re just completely wrong! It was maximum, unstoppable fun!

We made fake snow by adding lots of water (the snow felt dry!) to this powdery plastic polymer material that is kind of like the stuff they put in diapers (ew!). We did all kinds of experiments where substances changed color with the addition of tiny drops of chemicals. We squirted one special kind of liquid (that we pre-colored) into a different special kind of liquid to make cool-looking plastic worms. I made a worm that was two feet long! Georgie made a worm moustache.

I taped this on Goon’s door. I thought she’d be upset. Actually, she liked it!

This went on Mom’s office door. She didn’t want any kids messing around her computer stuff.

Best of all was when we did the Mentos-in-soda experiment. Doesn’t everybody do that? We went into the back yard and put Mentos into a big bottle of soda and made a geyser shoot out. It was great! I was hoping it would rain soda down on Goon, but no such luck. Unfortunately, Mom forgot to take pictures of our geysers, so I checked on the internet. IMO, here’s the all-time greatest Mentos/soda experiment.

If you had a super cool and very different birthday party, please tell me and everyone else who reads this webpage all about it.

Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. I once had a party when all of my friends came to my uncle’s house in our bathing suits and went swimming,had a water war, and went on a slip and slide. Fact is, most of us did gnarly stunts on it, like pretended we were surfing or went backwards. My favorite part is when I brought out 3 chocolate meringue pies (I don’t exactly like cake) and did the original pie in the faace bit that you see in cartoons. IT WAS EPIC!!!! 😀

  2. My birthday is August 25th. I have had pool parties, sleepover parties, but my favorite was when my mom drove me to Coney Island and met all of my best friends there for the whole day. IT WAS SOO AWESOME! XD


    • As a joke one time, Georgie and I pretended to do the hula dance when Goon walked by. This has nothing to do with birthdays, but your Hawaiian b-day made me think of it.

  4. I AM having a birthday “party” on July 10. But my birthday is July 11. Long story. Anyway we’re playing Wii. I guess it is a WII party.

  5. Last year I had a spy birthday party, and I made up an obstacle course I call the “Starampowing” (STAirs+tRAMPOnline+sWINGs)

  6. ive planned it like this today i go to waterworld then tomorow my real bday ill go to church and watch cars 2 and go to chuckie cheese

    • I have not seen Cars 2, but I know some kids who have…and they said, “Thumbs up!”

  7. On my birthday (I turned 12) It was just me and my family and we had a bunch of fun.

  8. Once I had a sleepover party that was hotel themed. We played pin the number on the door and ate at my house “restaurant”.

    • Neat idea. You must have some clever people in your house (your mom?) to think that up.

  9. My last birthday party was in July 2010 and I went to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. It was fun. My sister spit on someone while riding on the sky ride and he actually looked up. I still have one of the caroasel (another word i don’t know how to spell) game rings that my friend got me. I had a great cupcake cake that looked like an ice cream cone. Yum!! 🙂

    • tokmo = coke & mentos?

      That’s good. It looks like you did a lot of letter-mixing. I think I’d combine the words differently. I’d go with mencoko.

  10. My birthday party was cool. We painted pottery in a store in my hometown. Than we went rock-climbing. I’m on a rock-climbing team at my gym.

  11. hahahha that sounds fun mine was same as usual eat some food at my house and get about 2 b-day presents. buttt i cant wait till i turn ten in june yay!

  12. I’m going to turn ten in less than a month and I’m going to have my best friend over and then we’re going to spend the rest of the day at an ’80s arcade and eat icecream cake!