My Birthday

Delish! Lime-flavored filling between the cake layers. Yum!

My mom did not want any of us messing up the living room, so she put this sign up. The symbol at the bottom means radioactive danger. She fibbed. There was no radioactivity at my party.

At the very end of my book, I mentioned how super cool and very different my eleventh birthday party was. (August 16.) It was a science party. If you think a science birthday party would be maximum nerdy, you’re just completely wrong! It was maximum, unstoppable fun!

We made fake snow by adding lots of water (the snow felt dry!) to this powdery plastic polymer material that is kind of like the stuff they put in diapers (ew!). We did all kinds of experiments where substances changed color with the addition of tiny drops of chemicals. We squirted one special kind of liquid (that we pre-colored) into a different special kind of liquid to make cool-looking plastic worms. I made a worm that was two feet long! Georgie made a worm moustache.

I taped this on Goon’s door. I thought she’d be upset. Actually, she liked it!

This went on Mom’s office door. She didn’t want any kids messing around her computer stuff.

Best of all was when we did the Mentos-in-soda experiment. Doesn’t everybody do that? We went into the back yard and put Mentos into a big bottle of soda and made a geyser shoot out. It was great! I was hoping it would rain soda down on Goon, but no such luck. Unfortunately, Mom forgot to take pictures of our geysers, so I checked on the internet. IMO, here’s the all-time greatest Mentos/soda experiment.

If you had a super cool and very different birthday party, please tell me and everyone else who reads this webpage all about it.

Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. My coolest birthday is when I was 8 because I went to the beach and had hot chips and I got a push bike and I got a toy spider and it was so hairy and I went to funland.

  2. my cools brithday was when i was 9 years old i went to the beach then i went shoping and got a new pool a big blue one and i got $200 dollars and the next day i went to my nans and got more presen of my 2 anuties and my nan and after my nans house i went with my dad shoping and i had lots of toys of my family it was the best brithday

  3. MY BIRTHDAY WAS ON APRIL THE15TH IT WAS A BAD BIRTHDAY no FAN . BUT AT NIGHT THE it was Fall moon .but the best i had caaaaaake

  4. My cools birthday was my pool party. i had a big chocolate cake.
    it was delicious and we was in the pool all night. my birthday is january 27

  5. it is ok to be jealuse but i hade a mac and cheeze party. i got gallons of mac n cheeze spilled on me

  6. I had a baking birthday party we iced cupcakes and put mix-ins in cookies. We play games like 3 legged race while we waited for the cookies to bake. Then, we ate the cupcakes, the cookies, and some ice cream. At the end we had a pinyata.

    • I bet your school has some kind of filter that gets in the way…because it works at other schools.

    • I have never played dodgeball with Rice Krispies. It must be very snap-crackle-and-pop. (And a mess to clean up!)

  7. for my 10th birthday, I had a huge sleepover which ended when my best friend got punched by my other best friend, yikes!