My Birthday

Delish! Lime-flavored filling between the cake layers. Yum!

My mom did not want any of us messing up the living room, so she put this sign up. The symbol at the bottom means radioactive danger. She fibbed. There was no radioactivity at my party.

At the very end of my book, I mentioned how super cool and very different my eleventh birthday party was. (August 16.) It was a science party. If you think a science birthday party would be maximum nerdy, you’re just completely wrong! It was maximum, unstoppable fun!

We made fake snow by adding lots of water (the snow felt dry!) to this powdery plastic polymer material that is kind of like the stuff they put in diapers (ew!). We did all kinds of experiments where substances changed color with the addition of tiny drops of chemicals. We squirted one special kind of liquid (that we pre-colored) into a different special kind of liquid to make cool-looking plastic worms. I made a worm that was two feet long! Georgie made a worm moustache.

I taped this on Goon’s door. I thought she’d be upset. Actually, she liked it!

This went on Mom’s office door. She didn’t want any kids messing around her computer stuff.

Best of all was when we did the Mentos-in-soda experiment. Doesn’t everybody do that? We went into the back yard and put Mentos into a big bottle of soda and made a geyser shoot out. It was great! I was hoping it would rain soda down on Goon, but no such luck. Unfortunately, Mom forgot to take pictures of our geysers, so I checked on the internet. IMO, here’s the all-time greatest Mentos/soda experiment.

If you had a super cool and very different birthday party, please tell me and everyone else who reads this webpage all about it.

Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. On my 10th b-day I went to Carnegie science center and there was training for fixing a spaceship is outer space cool right

  2. Did you see the furious pete video? Its on the same page as the video above. So cool!(the vomit made me sick).

  3. My birthday fell on a exam day last year and before that!!!! ):

  4. This year, I went to Universal. I rode every single upside-down ride except one(and I’m 10).

  5. On May 25 (four days before my birthday), I went to Disneyland with my parents. The best parts about that is that I get to go to Star Tours ride and I get to join the Jedi Training Academy! My real birthday was on Thursday.

  6. The top ten ways to make your sister mad
    10. Call her a bull on her birthday
    9. Eat candy in front of her
    8. Pelt water balloons at her
    7. Show her something that only you can do and brag about it.
    6. Tell her that she’s dumb and test her on math questions, if she’s younger
    5. Break her baby dolls
    4. Act like the nicest brother/sister and then when she’s not looking punch her in the face
    3. Take all of her money and don’t even seem sorry when you buy ice cream with her money
    2. Take her phone
    1. Take all of her iTunes money and use it for Harry Potter movies

  7. I’m getting braces! In about 5 months. I have spacers now. On Monday I am getting an expander. I’m excited

  8. For my tenth birthday we had make your own sundaes and the best part what when my dad sprayed whipped cream in my mouth!

  9. In 2015 my birthday is going to be on Super Bowl Sunday!
    But my stupid, stubborn little sister, says that I’m a bowl. Like how rude os that?
    I told her that she’s jealous that her birthday is not on Super Bowl Sunday. Her birthday is in 7 days but she doesn’t deserve it. I was accually born on Super Bowl Sunday. My mom says that while I was being born some kids came in and changed the channel to a kids channel.

      • Thanks!
        How this works:
        There’s a Christmas tree
        Under the tree is a present
        Under the present is celebrating
        Under the celebrating is more celebrating
        Under the celebrating is a iPod touch
        Under the iPod touch is a computer
        Under the computer is cd discs to your favorite songs
        Under the cds is an old fashioned tv.

        That is all what you got for Christmas

  10. Awesome vidio. Sounds like you had fun. At my last b-day I didn’t have many friends over because the were all busy. But with a few friends we painted pieces of wood and made our initials with nails on them. It was so cool!

  11. Hi cheesie mack my birthday was a bit diffrent because we played pin the tail on the donkey,pass the pastel,and we had a clowns nose and we had to stick it on the clowns face and we had a regular choclate cake BY CHEESIE MACK



  13. My best birthday is my birthday we get to take a cake in to class and i dont get presents i get money for my birthday and we go to putput golf and we go to shellhaber and we go to to flip out and for my last birthday we went on a cruise and we had lots of fun then we had to go home.

  14. When i turned 9 my friend aria was at my birthday.We went to flip out with my other friends jamie,nathen and ashden.It was so awsome because we had a sleep-over.In the morning we went to the movies and saw rio2 it was the best PARTY EVER in my LIFE.
    by chloe

  15. cheesie mack my birthday was lastyear itwas the best we went to bouncengslide.
    I have a big sister named EBONY and aboy likes her his name is toby.
    What do i do.

  16. The coolest bithday i had was when i was seven.I went ice skating it was my first time i thert it was cool ther was so many people ther it took for efer to get ice skating shoes when we got on the