My Birthday

Delish! Lime-flavored filling between the cake layers. Yum!

My mom did not want any of us messing up the living room, so she put this sign up. The symbol at the bottom means radioactive danger. She fibbed. There was no radioactivity at my party.

At the very end of my book, I mentioned how super cool and very different my eleventh birthday party was. (August 16.) It was a science party. If you think a science birthday party would be maximum nerdy, you’re just completely wrong! It was maximum, unstoppable fun!

We made fake snow by adding lots of water (the snow felt dry!) to this powdery plastic polymer material that is kind of like the stuff they put in diapers (ew!). We did all kinds of experiments where substances changed color with the addition of tiny drops of chemicals. We squirted one special kind of liquid (that we pre-colored) into a different special kind of liquid to make cool-looking plastic worms. I made a worm that was two feet long! Georgie made a worm moustache.

I taped this on Goon’s door. I thought she’d be upset. Actually, she liked it!

This went on Mom’s office door. She didn’t want any kids messing around her computer stuff.

Best of all was when we did the Mentos-in-soda experiment. Doesn’t everybody do that? We went into the back yard and put Mentos into a big bottle of soda and made a geyser shoot out. It was great! I was hoping it would rain soda down on Goon, but no such luck. Unfortunately, Mom forgot to take pictures of our geysers, so I checked on the internet. IMO, here’s the all-time greatest Mentos/soda experiment.

If you had a super cool and very different birthday party, please tell me and everyone else who reads this webpage all about it.

Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. The best b-day party i’ve ever been to is when my quad friends (Caroline. McKenzie. Maragret, and Sara Parks) invited me to an escape room party. It’s when you’re in this room and based on items in the room, you have to solve a mystery and beat the clock. It’s awsomerific! If you’re in town, I think u should visit escape room RVA! (Richmond, VA) P>S I am writing u soon…

  2. My friend had an interesting party…orienteering. We got to run all over town and solve puzzles!
    P.S. Did you know that your name is an anagram of Rockland, MA? (I’m using Ronald, not Cheesie.)

    • That is SO COOL! And there really is a town called Rockland in Massachusetts. It is only 57 miles away from Gloucester. I am going to get someone to drive me there. SO COOL!

  3. Ay friends and I went to a place where we had to do stuff and decode stuff like spies. It was the best!

  4. My birthday was May 12th so just a few days ago. For my party we went rock climbing and swimming it was awesome

    • I love indoor rock climbing. I have never tried to real, outdoor sport, however.

  5. I once went to a water park for my birthday. It was hilarious when these teen boys were arguing at the top of this massive slide (none wanted to go first) and a six-year-old girl slipped right past them and went down before her dad could even say “Are you sure you want to do this honey?”
    I once heard of someone who had a slip and slide at their party and afterwards everyone would up covered in mud. I couldn’t go, though.

  6. Cheesie my birthday is may 12 I went to Montreal Canada for my b day (i live in Chicago so it was lots of fun) so anyway he said my surprise was very fun and he did not tell me what it was and when we got to the surprise which was indoor skydiving he said i could watch but then my dads friend who was an instructor there he said “you ready to suit up and fly” i screamed and had sooooo much fun

  7. On my last birthday I got to eat dinner out of a vending machine. I got poptarts, cheetos, gatorade and potato chips.