#1-Rodent Jokes

In my book, I wrote:

I think “ratted on our Mouse Plot” is funny. If you know any other excellent rodent jokes, please go to my website and tell me. I’m building a collection of them, and maybe I can add yours.

I made up a rodent joke. It is not very good, but here it is.

One of the Three Blind Mice was in court testifying against the Farmer’s Wife. He told the judge what happened, but was so nervous he said nothing about what she did with the carving knife.

“You forgot to mention details,” said the judge.

Get it? If you know a better one, please send it to me below.

Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. Q: why is it so hard to use a computer?
    A: because the mouse keeps scurrying away!

  2. Hyun AE:Why do mice need oiling?Mi Hi: I dont know why?Hyun AE:Because they squeak!!!!!!!!!

  3. what did the rat say to the dancer? rattatat just like that! ( Iknow, its not funny)

  4. Mouse 1 to a sad little Mouse 2: “Why are you so blue?”

    Mouse 2: “My cheese has mold in it!”

    Mouse 1: “I guess you are what you eat.”

  5. Q-What’s yummy to eat, but not appealing?

    A-Mice crispy treats!

    //I need to work on that question…

  6. This one is really corny-

    “Knock knock”

    “Whose there?”


    “Rat who?”

    “Rat’s a good joke!”

    ~I was being weird-~

  7. Q:What did the rock say to the ruler?
    A:You rule
    Q:what did the ruler say to the rock?
    A:You Rock
    P.S:These aren’t rodent jokes. These are complements.