In Cheesie Mack Is Not a Genius or Anything, I described our fifth-grade graduation party (which was entirely fun, except for Goon’s massive interference…). One of the things I wrote was:

I took a huge running start, then scoogled (this is my made-up word . . . it is a combination of scoot and wiggle) on the Slip ’N Slide and skivolvunged butt-first into the dirt, which was actually mud.

And then I asked:

Can you guess what “skivolvunged” is a three-way combo of?

Here’s the answer:


If you have a different answer, I would love to know it. Please comment below.

Does the small “l” in “lunged” look like a number 1 to you? It does on my computer.

IMO, that is a big mistake in typography (my mom says that’s what the look of letters and numbers on a page or screen is called). I’m going to type them together so you can see how similar they are:


Weird, huh?

Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. I’m always making up words like, rop (combination of running and hopping.)Also on my computer the lower case i looks like a number 1 see 1 i.Goodbyzo(wich is also a word I made up it is NOT a combination.)
    your crazy friend,Ashley

    • It is a weird looking word, isn’t it.

      It means to slide, typically sideways or at an angle, on slippery ground or from stopping or turning too quickly

    • That’s weirdly cool. A skink is like a lizard, so that means I’d have to move in a wiggly way.

    • That’s pretty funny. If that’s true, it would mean to slide, roll or skid, and lunge.