#1-Words That Sound Right


I like words.

Well, duh! I write books.

I like the word speedily. It’s one of those words that sounds like what it means…at least to me. Some others are gargoyle—sounds monstrous and evil; lizard—sounds scaly and fast-moving; and carnival—sounds bouncy and fun.

I am building a collection of words like this on my website. If you want to add one to my list—and I don’t mean obvious words that imitate sounds like buzz or plop or fizzle—please enter it below.

Oh…and I’m not looking for the real definition of your word. Please write down the definition that you think makes the word  sound like what it really means…like I did above with gargoyle, lizard, and carnival.

    Tell me what your cool words are!

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    Cool word:


    If I really like your suggestion, I’ll put it in my list below (with your name alphabetically), but it might take me a while, because my mom says homework comes first.

    If yours is a made-up word, it will be in  italics…like the first part of this sentence. Click the plus (+) button to zoom in, use the little up and down arrows to scroll through the list of cool words, and use the big up and down arrows to scroll through the pages. It’s in alphabetical order by your first name. Or, you can click here to open the list in a new window.


    Comments from my Readers & Friends

    1. I call my grandparents gramma and grappa. I woud love to be one of your sisters friends so I could be there to see her get pouding dumped on her head and make fun of her then ditch her. So would you want to be your sisters friend for just that reason? Please answer.:-D

    2. Hey Cheesie I loved your book cheesie mack is not a genius or anything.I read 3 chapters of the book and it was funny and awesome at the same time.Ok now lets switch the topic.I have a question.(Not tobe mean but)why are your ears sooooooooooo big?

    3. hey Cheesie your book:Cheesie Mack is not a geneus or anything
      was AWESOME!!!!!!
      I loved it!

    4. Well, cheesie, you’ve done it again! Made a very interesting activity for the children ( and possibly some adults, too! ) and everyone has submitted some pretty amazing words! Here’s one I thought would be good for the list:
      For something to be
      ridiculous, fun, scary or

      Hope you liked my post! 🙂

    5. Oh, really! My tution teacher said that it kinda mean ‘complicated’

      • Actually it doesn’t exactly mean big. I looked it up. It means: important-sounding but actually not having very much importance or meaning.

    6. Hey I suggest…I am a little embarrest but you should do a book with a little of exiting drama! :•>

    7. look at the capital letters to find out my name! 🙂

        • RONALD! WHAT are you doing on your website, your supposed to be studying for the Maths Test tomorrow! Now go to your room and finish it, young man.

          Your Very Irritated Mother

          • HA! Another impersonation. In the United States we call mathematics MATH, not MATHS. You are from Australia, aren’t you? Is this my Aunt Brenda…pretending to be her sister (my mom)?