#4-Point Battle Rules

Point Battle Rules

Here is how the Point Battle Is scored. (Goon has never seen this.)

These rules apply equally to Goon and to me. I do not cheat. Otherwise, why bother?

If one of us insults the other—

•    When we’re alone:     1 point
•    When other people can hear:      2 points
•    Points are doubled for a REALLY excellent insult.

Causing the other to do something embarrassing—

•    when we’re alone:       2 points
•    when other people are around:       4 points
•    Points are doubled for a REALLY excellent embarrassment.

Getting punished—

•    by parents:     4 points
•    by school:     8 points
•    by police:     You lose—GAME OVER

Points are doubled when…

•    it’s a REALLY BIG punishment
•    you’re caught lying
•    the other kid tattles
•    the other kid is actually at fault, but doesn’t get punished.

Comment below if you have brother or sister problems. How do you handle yours?

Cheesie VS. Goon

Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. Hi i have two older brothers and they are super annoying. But we have too drive 14 hours to South Carolina this summer so wish me luck.

  2. Well when my brother is being mean i scracth my self to look like he scracthed meand then he gets introuble and after mum or dad leaves i laugh at him.

  3. I handle my brother by fake crying when mum or dad come over when we are being mean to other. My brothers get in trouble but i dont. Then i laugh at them when mum or dad walk away.

  4. Me and my sister read your books and started our own point battle.(mom and dad do not know yet)
    Mr sloth

  5. Man, why do you hate your sister! I love my sister and we’re best friends! Lighten up on June and talk to her about how you feel and how you want each other to act and talk. It’s a good way to not fight and love each other.

    • I know it’s good advice, but I’ve tried, and she just doesn’t cooperate. (Things do get a bit better in Books #4 and #5.)

      • Yeah, I get it. My sister sometimes gets very dramatic and slams doors while crying at stuff like tiredness. I got it.

        • All I have are TWO OLDER BROTHERS AND ONE OLDER SISTER!!!!! I’m the youngest and they’re always picking on me. I really enjoy your books Cheesie and am thinking of starting a pint battle at the end of my year, too! It’s perfect because I am in fourth grade right now! But I have so many siblings, I don’t know who to do it with.

  6. i have 4 sisters! all younger than me.oneis 10 one is 8 one is 5 and one is3! i just ignore them and copy them

  7. do you know how annoying a 7 year old sister is? So, I usually give her the silent treatment. btw, your books are aaaaaawwwwwwwweeeeeeeesssssoooooooommmmmmmmmeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I bet she’s very pesty, but I also bet an older sister like mine is even worse

  8. This is actually a question!

    where you mad at Goon for liking Kevin? I mean oh Kevin

    one more. how long have you known Kevin?

  9. Sometimes I just Ignore them other times………………..I Ignore them! LOL