#4-Want to Tell Me Something?

If you do or don’t like this book or just want to say something to me.

So, this is my fourth book, and I have made lots of friends since I began writing them. Thousands of kids have come on my website to leave comments. Sometimes I respond to their comments. (You don’t have to beg me to respond. If I have the time…if I’m not too busy writing or doing chores or doing my homework, I will.)

iguanaSo why don’t you leave a comment?

You could tell me about your school or your teachers or your friends. Or you could describe all the tricks your pet iguana can do. Or maybe you want to talk about the funny thing that happened yesterday.

Or maybe you could comment about this book.

It’s all up to you.

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. I did some thinking… if you are 11 and in the 6th grade and your b day is in August… there is NO WAY you weren’t born in 2002

  2. Cheesie-
    Do you ever get some fresh air? Everything (almost) that people ask that you do, you always say that you’re too busy writing. GET A TAN MAN

    • Are you kidding! I am one of the world’s greatest kid bicyclists (BMX). I can whup almost anyone in an obstacle course. And I run cross country. I’m second fastest on our team.
      I am outside lots!
      When I’m inside, that’s when I write. What I don’t do is spend a bunch of time sitting around vegetating…playing video games and watching TV. If I’m inside, I’m doing something productive…like writing or answering comments like yours. (I will admit it’s hard to get a tan in Gloucester in the winter, though.)

  3. Why did Georgie say if you deleted page 31 he was going to put you head in a toilet?(i noticed he wrote that(what kind of best freind is he?!))

  4. Hi cheesie its connor from leggee I just about 2 days ago finished the 4th book it was really good. By the way when everyone found out it was me that got you here they pretty much all read the books my family donated, cant wait till the next book.

  5. Hello Cheesie,
    Who made up the nickname Cheesie for you?
    Whats Your favorite color?
    Have you been to St. Louis County?
    And do you play an insterment?

  6. Hi cheesie! Your 4th book came out the day befor my half birthday and your 5th book will come out the day after my birthday!

  7. I’m in the middle of your fourth book. I would say the series is the fourth best of all. Third is THE GENIUS FILES. Second is Harry Potter. First is Star Wars!

  8. I live in Apex,NC, and I was wondering if you could come to my school some time!
    I go to Carnage Magnet Middle School in downtown Raleigh.
    Please,please come!:)


  9. Cheesie Mack I’m not a genius or anything is one of my favourite books. I let my friends to borrow the book to read and they said it was really good, awsome and exciting. They loved it.