#4-Want to Tell Me Something?

If you do or don’t like this book or just want to say something to me.

So, this is my fourth book, and I have made lots of friends since I began writing them. Thousands of kids have come on my website to leave comments. Sometimes I respond to their comments. (You don’t have to beg me to respond. If I have the time…if I’m not too busy writing or doing chores or doing my homework, I will.)

iguanaSo why don’t you leave a comment?

You could tell me about your school or your teachers or your friends. Or you could describe all the tricks your pet iguana can do. Or maybe you want to talk about the funny thing that happened yesterday.

Or maybe you could comment about this book.

It’s all up to you.

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. Hi Cheesie! We are reading your book in class. We have a few questions for you!
    Andre- Who is your girlfriend? Do you like mac and cheese?

    Damon-How old is your sister? Do you play any sports other than track?

    Dilmer- Could you come visit our school?

    Victor- Where do you live? Do you like video games?


    • Hi, 5th graders in Florida!
      Andre—I don’t have a gfriend. Sure, I like mac and cheese, but I don’t eat it so much because people tease me about my nickname.
      Damon—Goon is two years, almost exactly, older than I am. I play lots of sports. I am a very excellent catcher of fly balls and a very clever baserunner (not bragging), so baseball is one of my faves.
      Dilmer—Sure! I’d love to come to your school. Just have your teacher or librarian or principal contact me.
      Victor—I live in Gloucester, MA. I do like video games, but I almost never play them because I am too busy with writing, friends, sports, school, and stuff.

  2. I really like your books Cheesie. I have read almost every book. I have read the second,third,fourth,sixth.I’m starting to read the first then I’m going to read the fifth. Your adventures are tamazing {Terific + Amazing}. I can’t wait for your seventh book to come out!

    Bye Cheesie, See You In Your Next Adventure.

    • You must be a really excellent reader. Especially because you read my sixth book! Even I haven’t read my sixth book…because I haven’t written it yet!

  3. Since Goon thinks she all that and a cherry on top, maybe you could make that a reality (sort of) and cover her in cherry syrup!

      • Your smoothie sounds more like a milkshake to me. But that’s fine because I love milkshakes too. Maybe mix in some crushed candy bars?
        Also, my favorite part was definitely the massive mud fight at the beginning of the book. Reminds me of what me and my best friend of ten years used to do when we were young. I haven’t had one since, but I’ve had a paint fight at school. Best thing ever!

        • Sometimes I put lots of fruit in. That is really what a smoothie is, IMO. My fave is strawberries. Granpa likes cranberries in his, but they are way sour, so I have to add something sweet.

  4. Sorry Cheesie but I didn’t like your book…..I LOVED IT it was really good IMO hah! see what i didn there i used your word invention i really think you should keep writing.