#2-Third book done…fourth book?

Third book done…
Will I write a fourth?

My third book is done. It is called Cheesie Mack Is Running Like Crazy! It is all about my adventures during the first few weeks of middle school. It was released June 2013. I am so psyched!

Will I write a fourth book?

YES! I already have.

I had another adventure. So I wrote like crazy. And even though there’s lots of homework in middle school, I got it done. It’s called Cheesie Mack Is Not Exactly Famous. (Lots of stuff about it is on this website. I bet you can find it even without my giving you a link right here.)

And thanks for reading my books. I really mean it. Because even if I don’t know your name, I am your friend.

(Maybe you could comment below and tell me about yourself or your school or something…or just say hi.)



Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. hi, it’s isabel please visit my school it’s name is Big Pine Academy.

    PS.my school is in Big Pine Key Florida. BY(:(:

  2. Hi, my name is Isabel K. McDaniel.

    PS.the K stands for Kent. BY(:(:

    • I like my middle name, too. It’s unusual (Apton)…and that’s what I like about it.

  3. have you ever been to leggee elamentry p.s (im still tryin to get you in)

  4. i atemryed to get you to my school well hehe she said no it has to be edjacational. Tell that too the pro skate border i got at my school. anyway whyed you swich illastraytors

  5. i love your book. ive only read the first one and im really excited to read the next one

  6. well u plsssssssssss keep making books intell ur freh out of stuff and do it for ur fans(i toled 24 frends and a class to check ur books out and even buy it must of them did)im all so in 6th grade

  7. Your first book is amazing.I really injoy the first chapter chapter 0 this story is over the most!:)

    • Dunno exactly. I think my publisher just decided to use a new guy (who I think is terrif!).