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Cheesie's family tree


Illustration of Me


Ronald Apton Mack. My initials are RAM. Gumpy, my grandfather—he teaches college kids about computers—says RAM (Random Access Memory) is where computers store information. Maybe that explains why I mostly don’t forget things. Go back to the tree!


Illustration of GoonGoon

June Mack. My sister has no middle name. When I told her it was because she was funny-looking when she was born, she punched me. Go back to the tree!


Illustration of MomMom

Edith Elizabeth Apton Mack. Gumpy once told me that if my mother had been a boy, her name would’ve been Edward, Jr. When I learned that, I called her Edward-Junior-Mom. She gave me her version of a squinty-evil-eye, which meant QUIT IT! Go back to the tree!


Illustration of DadDad

Caldwell Jacob Mack. Everyone calls him Cal, but when he was a kid, his nickname was Dweller (from Caldwell…get it?). Go back to the tree!


Aunt Brenda

Brenda Brianne Apton Wada. Lives in New York. She works for the company that publishes my books. She is a vice president of computers or internet or something, and without her help I never could have built this website. She is an excellent present giver on birthdays. Married to Uncle Frank. He’s an Army colonel and a very cool guy who is almost always in another country. They have no kids. But they have a cat with one gold eye and one green eye. Go back to the tree!


Aunt Deedee

Deborah Dee Apton Wilker. She and my mom are sisters and best friends—always IMing, videoing, and emailing—but Aunt DeeDee lives in Australia with my twin cousins, Bradley and Amanda, who are almost exactly my age. I talk to them on video calls, but really, I barely know them. Go back to the tree!



Melvyn Mack. Born in Germany. He never talks about his childhood, but I know he was an orphan. No one calls him Melvyn or Mel…only Bud. Go back to the tree!



Veronica Glass Mack. She was my grandmother, but I never knew her. She died in a bus accident when my dad was nine. She was an excellent speller who won first prize in the Indiana State Spelling Bee when she was 12—I’ve seen the trophy. Everyone, Granpa says, called her Ronnie. Because the Ronald part of me was named after her, and I am also an excellent speller, sometimes I think that if I would ever go to Indiana, I might die in a bus crash. Go back to the tree!



Edward Everett Apton. Really smart college professor. Huge baseball fan. Loves the Yankees! (I don’t! I’m a Red Sox fan.) My mom calls him Pop. Go back to the tree!



Mary Margaret Mahoney Apton. Hugs a lot. Speaks Spanish because she lived in Argentina when she was young. Because both she and Gumpy have the same first and second initials (EE and MM), she decided to name all her children like that. Go back to the tree!


Cool names for grandparents, huh? What are your grandparents called?

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

    1. Cheesie you said your grandmother
      loved to spell,and you do to?Well I LOVE to read and spell.I just started to read your books and your my #1 favrite(now,Dork Diaries used to be my favrite).Oh,and before I leave red and blue are not bad colers!

    2. CHEESIE!you said your grandmother liked to spell and you do to.that is so awesome!
      BecauseI myself LOVE to read and spell.(IM only in 3 grade and I read 6-high school!

  1. im only on your fitst book (im almost finished) but i love it!!!!!!!♡♤●□¤⊙ its soo funny i will read them all!!!!!!! P.S i was born in italy (neat huh)

  2. You should call Goon ‘drunk bull’. If you wrote this book, then why does it say ‘by Steven Colter’?
    P.S. Please reply.

    1. I finnely read all of them I am a really fast reader and love to read but my favorit is book# 3

  3. Do you actually like cheese irl? because I love cheese. My favorite food 😀

    1. I like lots of different kinds of cheese. I think my favorite if feta. That’s a Greek cheese.

  4. Hi Cheesie Mac I’m interrested in buying one of your books on your website. The one I want, I read (on your website)the beginning of it.your author came on December 16th now he’s one of my fav author.😄😃😀😊☺️📚📖📔

  5. Mine are Oopy Doo Grandma and Papa John, and just GRandma and Grandpa for my other ones.

  6. Cheesie, I’m a huge fan of yours.You went to my school in Frankfort, right? I’m in Chelsea Intermiadiate School. I am a 3rd grader. What was it like when you were in 3rd grade, Cheesie? P.S. I’m a huge fan of Mac ‘n’ Cheese.

  7. Hey cheesie i love your book its so awesome.even though i dont have autographed books, its still cool.

  8. hey cheesie I just finished with you’r secent book so now I have to start the first. me and my brother bolth have atograghed books!

    1. I guess you’re talking about my relatives in Australia. I take to them on internet video. So it’s no so bad.

  9. Hey Cheesie! Both of my grandpas are dead sadly, but my three granmas are overseas,two in Jordan, and one in Kawat!

  10. i am omly on the second chapter of your first book but i am verry interasting!!! i am a very picky reader but this book really fits me and i bring it home every night!!! i casnt wait to read you next book!!!

    1. Thanks, Laney! I am writing part of book #4 right now…and I saw your comment and it gave me a good excuse to quit for a few minutes (writing is hard work!) and respond. (And get a tangerine for a snack.)

  11. Hi Cheesie….You have a really cool family,but it is sad that your family lives so far away. Do you ever visit them i australia if u have tell me about it because that would be cool

  12. I’m kinda like you cheesie one of my grandparents died before i was born. but it was my grandpa.

  13. my dad’s mom’s name is “gran b.”, what we named her (i am not sure how she got that name, but i know it was from me somehow) and my dad’s dad’s nickname is “papa john”(not sure how that one came along either) what cool names!

  14. Hi Cheesie, did you know the real author of Cheesie Mack (Steve Cotler) came to West Creek Academy, my school. he came to my classroom , room 202! Anyway I will tell you 5 members of my family , dad Jaebin Yoon , mom Hyosim Chung , my little bro. Daniel Yoon , my little baby brother Joshau or Timothy , and my big bro. Paul Yoon who died!

    1. I like your family names. There is a boy in my next book who is Korean-American. His last name is Rhee.

  15. Hi Cheesie. I think Gumpy and Meemo are awesome grandparent names. You’re lucky! Here are the nicknames of my grandparents: “Mimi” was my mom’s mom, Ada Jane; “Dah” was my mom’s dad, Jeremiah. I don’t know how they got those names (I should ask my mom), but I bet “Dah” came about because it’s what a lot of Irish people call their dad. (Dah was 100% Irish.) My dad’s mom, Agnes, was “Nana,” which is one of my favorite grandmother nicknames even though it’s quite common. I’m not sure how she got that name either, but I hope it’s because when her first grandkid (my brother Matt) tried to say “grandma,” that’s what it sounded like. And my dad’s dad was “Grandpa.” (Yawn.)

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