#1-Words That Sound Right


I like words.

Well, duh! I write books.

I like the word speedily. It’s one of those words that sounds like what it means…at least to me. Some others are gargoyle—sounds monstrous and evil; lizard—sounds scaly and fast-moving; and carnival—sounds bouncy and fun.

I am building a collection of words like this on my website. If you want to add one to my list—and I don’t mean obvious words that imitate sounds like buzz or plop or fizzle—please enter it below.

Oh…and I’m not looking for the real definition of your word. Please write down the definition that you think makes the word  sound like what it really means…like I did above with gargoyle, lizard, and carnival.

    Tell me what your cool words are!

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    Cool word:


    If I really like your suggestion, I’ll put it in my list below (with your name alphabetically), but it might take me a while, because my mom says homework comes first.

    If yours is a made-up word, it will be in  italics…like the first part of this sentence. Click the plus (+) button to zoom in, use the little up and down arrows to scroll through the list of cool words, and use the big up and down arrows to scroll through the pages. It’s in alphabetical order by your first name. Or, you can click here to open the list in a new window.


    Comments from my Readers & Friends

    1. i am o happy that i read your book ,it like ….. a piece of cake ……. like ( de – lo – sh – es ) – dont know how to write it – piece cake , and chieese have a nice story, that’s all and I dont talk English , soooo love you all

      sudiarabia ( i wish you know it )

    2. I have one! It’s craptastic. It means that it’s fantastic and very crappy! (Hehe)

    3. How about wheel? It sounds round, and fast, and useful for getting around. .P.S I have a cool grandparent name!. It`s haboba! [HUB-bo-ba.] The reason it sounds weird is because it`s in another language, Arabic. It means “Grandmother.”

    4. I hadn’t red the whole book yet but it was funny. The book mentioned about the web site so I taught why not look at it .

      • I’m glad you visited and commented. Come back again when you’ve finished the whole book…and we can chat a bit because I live in New England, too.

    5. Dear cheesie an awesome word is fantabulous
      It means fantastic and fabulous
      From a student from Mrs. Hoescheles class

    6. Hey Cheesie!
      I looked online and saw the word ‘Fard’. I thought it was silly because it was real close to the other word ( that we all know ) LOL. By the way it means ‘to paint (the face) with cosmetics.