The Book 1 & Book 2 Original Covers

The original covers of Book 1 and Book 2 (illustrated by Adam McCauley) have been replaced by new ones (illustrated by Douglas Holgate) because the people who publish my books thought my covers would look better with much bigger pictures of me. (Don’t start saying I’m conceited. It wasn’t my idea.)

There are lots of characters in my books, and most of them were pictured on the original covers. If you don’t know who everyone is, here are my lists:

Genius Original Cover

Book 1

Top Row—Mom, Carol Moriwaki (she was supposed to be in Book #1, but that part got cut out), a white mouse (if you don’t know why, you’ll have to read the book), Josh Lunares (he’s in Book #3), Capt. Chee Seemak, Dad

Second Row—??? (I think this is a self-portrait of Adam McCauley!)

Third Row—Glenora Jean Prott, Abraham Lincoln (he really is in the book, I promise!)

Fourth Row—Geejape Rott (the most blood-thirsty vampire in Massachusetts), Rita Pimental (she’s in Book #3), Dr. Frank N. Cheez

Fifth Row—Kandy DeLeon (in Book #3), Georgie, Goon

Sixth Row—Principal Crespo, Lana Shen, Kevin Welch

Seventh Row—Deeb (the way greatest dog in Massachusetts), Officer Crompton, Ee-Gorg, Granpa, Glenn Phillips, Livia Grant (also in Book #3)

Duel original Cover

Book 2

Top Row—The Great Georgio, a garter snake (actually there are lots), Lenny Kalecki, Robbie Turner (I didn’t have room for his twin brother, Evan), Aunt Lois (not really my aunt), R. Cheshire MacAronie, Esq. (he’s mostly in the first book)

Second Row—a gnome (actually in the book)

Third Row—Ronald Linderman, Scott Dutcher

Fourth Row—Alex Welch, Ee-Gorg (the dim-witted), Dr. Frank N. Cheez (Ee-Gorg’s brilliant master)

Fifth Row—Georgie, Goon, Deeb (nobody has a better dog!)

Sixth Row—Lana Shen, Kevin Welch, Ty Atkins

Seventh Row—Mookie, a bufflehead duck, Marci Housefield, Sir Cam, Sam Ramprakash, Uncle Bud (Granpa)

Who knows, the old covers might become collector’s items.

Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. Hi Cheesie!

    Your book wasn’t bad. BTW vampires don’t exist. I like the original copies better. IMO you should have left out the extra chapters. Just saying. Keep that in mind for your next book(there better be a sixth book).

    1. I agree about vampires!
      I like both covers.
      The “extra chapters” in which book?
      I’m thinking about book #6.

    1. Some days I look at one and like it better…some days the other. Final result: I like them both.

  2. I personally think that the original cover was better possibly because I have the original cover on my first book but I like the other ones to.

    1. I feel the same about the original covers…but I also really like the new covers (maybe because the Cheesie image is LARGER!)

  3. I’m doing a library contest to try and win an ipad mini or $50 Barnes and Noble gift card. So far I’ve read 3 books, out of 5, including your first book! I really enjoyed it. It even has the old cover on it. Hopefully I can find the rest of the books in your series and use them for the contest.

    P.S I prefer the old covers rather than your new ones, I like how it shows everyone in the story, and to me the illustrations look way better.

  4. Hey, whens Chessie Mack number 6 coming out that is gonna be awesome right
    ._. Im derpy <3


  5. I have numbers one and two with old covers and autographs. Does that mean that they would be super collectors items? I have the third book too, but of course with the new cover.

    I also think that the old covers and illustrations are better.

    1. Blegh! Gross! I’m not Cheese, but I can tell that they will both say NO!!!

  6. I like the original covers better.
    I think that the original artist is better too.

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