#2-Marci’s twin brother

What Marci said that proved she did not have a twin brother

In my book, I asked you to figure something out. Here’s what I wrote:

Once I started writing this story, I realized I should’ve known a lot sooner that Marci didn’t have a brother. Earlier in the summer she had said something that proved she was an only child, but I didn’t catch it. Did you? The answer is on my website.

Did you figure it out? If not, read this. It’s from page 36.

“This is Marci’s first year at camp. She’s from New York City,” Lana said.
“It’s called the Big Apple,” Marci explained.
I knew that.
“You’re Georgie, right?”
Georgie nodded.
Marci stuck out her hand. Georgie looked at me, then sort of extended his hand. Marci shook it vigorously. She talked fast.
“Lana told me a lot about you, Georgie. You live with your dad, and you want to be a cartoonist or a Navy jet pilot. Me? I live with my mom. She’s a pediatrician. That’s what I want to be, too. I like cartoons. I don’t know much about jet planes.”

The answer is in there. Think about it before you read ahead.

Ready for my answer?

Here’s the way I determined Marci had lied about having a twin brother. She’d said, “I live with my mom.”

If she lived with both parents, she would’ve mentioned her dad. And if she had a twin brother, don’t you think she would’ve mentioned that?! Of course, if her parents were divorced, her twin brother Marcus could’ve lived with Marci’s dad, but I figured twins almost always stay together no matter what, so I just took a chance.

Any comment?

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. I love Love love your books! I wish I was a great writer like you. My teacher says I write real well, but I don’t think I can even write a 3 page whatever, without taking a 10 minute break!!!!! And you are totally great at solving problems!

  2. do you remember going to brier glen school 5th grade

    also my mom knew she did not have a twin brother but i did not belive her at first

  3. Hi steve cotler I think that your books are great. I have all your books. Do you remember when you came to my class, ms tamars 4th grade? Ocean Charter School?

  4. Wow I love your books! I am an avid (cool word right!) reader, and I love love love books! Can’t wait to read your other books.
    P.S I don’t think twins always stick together. I mean it must get annoying, like you and June/Goon, they’re still siblings.

  5. Another thing that you can tell that she doesn’t have another sibling is that she talks about her mom and no one else.