#2-What do you think about this book?

What do you think about this book?

You are probably reading this because you want to write a comment.

Okay! Do it!

And maybe, if I’m not too busy with my homework and stuff, I’ll write back.

Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. Cheesie- I love ur books! I think your 2nd is the best. You inspired me to create a new series! (They’re called Ellie O. by the way.) Look for my website soon!

  2. Cheesie, I don’t know how to start! Your books are amazing! They are the best books ever! They make me laugh so much i wet my pants! You have inspired me to make books! I am making a book right now! I just love your books! I hope you keep on making books! 🙂
    -gamingDJ111 OUT

  3. Cheesie u inspire me my favourite part is the scary story about the one armed man can u pls come to my school I’m in canada my principal said if u say yes than u can

  4. LOVED IT!!!!!!! My favorite part is The Undies Touchdown! And The Start, and the ending, and and and…


    • Thanks, Camden!
      Maybe I could come to your school. Just have your teacher or librarian invite me.

  5. When i first saw your book i didn’t think i will like it but when i red it i red it over a bajillion times