#2-What do you think about this book?

What do you think about this book?

You are probably reading this because you want to write a comment.

Okay! Do it!

And maybe, if I’m not too busy with my homework and stuff, I’ll write back.

Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. I loved this book. I saw the first book cover, {BTW i saw the cover in 2013} And it looked not very intresting. So at the year 2015,I read the 1st,and loved it, read the 2nd loved still,now on the 3rd book still reading it,going to be done in 2016. Like people say, You Can’t Judge A Book By Its Cover. Thanks, Ishmael Goba for making me read this book.

  2. MY bad reply to my comment below if you got it because I forgot to hit don’t subscribe and make it reply

  3. I really love youre bookes I like to read and write myself I saw my freind read your bookes so I said hey let me read those and well I did I’m in fifth in gate if you don’t know what that is its a higher level learning for smarter kids and your not on my lexie but I still read you beacause your so descriptive funny and do you involve your best Freind really named goerge or egorg? Im messing about the egorg but really is your best friend georgei or gorge also I have a name for your next book. Cheesie mack and the storm of scary I also have another one. Cheesie make and the move of saddness the storm of scary can be about a hurricane that hits his hometown and cheesie gorege goon and Lana get lost and for the move of saddness you can make eaither gorgie or cheesie move but in the end they come back but if you want to make my booked in thout you would get a #1 fan me if not that’s ok I will still be your #1fan!

  4. I read the 1st book in 3 days the second in 2nd and the 3rd in 3
    You + Gorgie are awesome
    P.S keep writing


    Here’s a joke for u to figure out.

    You own a farm, you have 30 cows and 28 chickens, how many didn’t?

    Keep writing books Cheesie!! Keep up the good work!!

    • Well, I’m having a lot of trouble with your riddle because cows are VEGETARIANS! But, if I assume these are carnivorous cows, then I don’t want to get near these dangerous cows…except maybe the ten who didn’t eat chickens. HAHA.

      You read all five of my books in ONE WEEK!? Wow!

  6. I loved the book. I liked him going to camp. I also liked the book was a little bit about friendship. I liked that the mean guy turned to be nice and voted for Cheesie and it was a tie!

    • Oh, no! You gave away what happens. I hope other kids don’t read your comment before they read the book.

  7. I liked the book. I liked it because he had different emotions in the book!I thought you could have made the other guy win though because he would learn that you can’t always win. I loved Cheesie at camp though I loved that part.

  8. Your books are the awesomest! I zoomed right through them, they were so good! U rock Cheesie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I know, right! You have come to my school before. It was cool. Sorry, I am not going to share my school name. Safety first! Also, I have seen you at the author visit at Barnes and Noble! It was also very cool! You signed my book

  9. Cheesie remember when you gave that awesome speech on Cheesie Mack: Is Running like crazy?