#1-Evidence in Goon’s Pocket

After my father looked in the back pocket of Goon’s shorts, he said, “Based on the evidence, I know exactly what occurred.”

Later I asked Dad about the evidence, but he said, “Case closed.”

It’s a mystery to me. If you have a good idea of what my Dad knew, please comment below.

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. Th raffle picking was at the end of the party, right? So if Goon had the stubs in her pocket the whole time, isn’t there a good chance of her shorts getting wet at a water-themed party? If her shorts got wet, the bright red stubs would have created a bright red stain in the pocket of Goon’s shorts. That way, Goon might have gotten rid of the stubs…

  2. I say there was’t anything but just so Goon would say the truth he said there was evidence but there really was not.

  3. I think that when she was at the party, her pants got wet and then red of the tickets bled onto her pants, and when she took the tickets out to throw them away, she didn’t check for stains.

  4. I think that when Goon was @ the party her pants got wet and when they dried the ticket subs got dried to the edge of her pocket and when she ran home after being accused at the party, she felt to see if the tickets were still there but she didn’t feel them because they were dried to the edge of her pants. I think this is correct because @ a water park my friends money got stuck in her pocket and she thought she lost it. Even though this is an extremely probable solution, I still want to know the real reason. Cheesie, did you ask your dad why he won’t tell you the evidence? If you did, what did he say?

  5. I don’t think that there was anything in there but he said that because he wanted Goon to tell the truth and he knew that if he said that there wasnt anything in the pockets, then she would have not said anything and rebuttled against you/ Cheesie/Ronald.

  6. I think the evidence was that the water party had water and it was wet so she must have had a little bit of the red ticket left in her pocket and goon did’nt have time to check to see if all the ticket was gone, also thats why your father asked you what color the ticket stubs were.