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What is your favorite food? Would you like to vote in my poll?

(This is NOT a poll for favorite snack or dessert. Maybe I’ll do that on an other webpage someday.)

The choices are in alphabetical order. Pick one! But if you or anyone else in your house has already voted, you don’t get to vote again (all the voting choices will disappear…cool, huh?). You can come back to look at the poll results as many times as you want.

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. Hi Cheesie,

    This is class 4/5/6 and we are from Australia. We live in a small country town called Brewarrina (Google map it to see how far away we are from anything else). We are reading ‘not a genius or anything’ and we are absolutely loving it!! We just voted for our favourite food and we said tacos.

    please respond, we love you cheesie mac!

    • Hello! Do you go to St. Patrick’s? Did you know I was in NSW and WA last year? In NSW I visited a school in Bondi Beach (where my cousins live), Scarborough, and Nowra. In WA, I went to schools in Perth, Greenmount, Joondalup, Mount Lawley, Swanbourne, and Mundaring. I would’ve loved to come to your school…even if I had to drive a long way!

  2. Every time my family plans to go out for dinner I say “Where are we going?” and my mom or dad says “I don’t know, what do you have a taste for?” AND every single TIME i ANSWER: “TACOS!”

  3. I like most of the things listed above, but I really love fresh fruit. Did you know that in France fruit and cheese is a highly popular dessert?

  4. I love a lot of these foods. I had a hard time picking between Chinese takeout or Mac-n-cheesie. I love to eat them both. 🙂

  5. spaghetti is delicious i’m just so surprised that only 8% enjoys,loves,and cherishes it as much as i do. and i know that that sounds a little weird to be talking about a food but thats just how it is i mean its how i feel.