I have never seen a real vampire, and no one I know knows anyone…

who knows anyone…

who knows anyone…

who knows anyone…

who knows anyone…

who knows anyone…

who has ever seen a real vampire.

If you have seen a real vampire or, even better, been bitten by one, please tell me.

Zombies donโ€™t count!

Please comment below.

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. I know a vampire. She’s tried to bite me. But we’ve been best friends since preschool, and it doesn’t bug me anymore.

  2. A Zombie and a Vampire were both fighting each other to bite me. I was so scared! I was hoping that the Vampire would lose the fight, only because their teeth are so sharp and it would hurt alot more than the zombie’s bite. They finally got tired of fighting each other and then they both started walking slowly towards me. It was at this time that I woke up. Ever since then I decided to never sleep in class again.

  3. i saw a vampire because my whole family is vampires mwahaahhahahhahahhahaahah mwahahahahahahahahah mwahahahahahahhahahaha

    • How come all these kids say they’ve been bitten by vampires when I have never seen one…and like I said in the book, no one I know has ever seen one either!
      I am a NON-BELIEVER in Vampires!

  4. I have been bitten before, when i was playing outside, it started to get dark, then POOF! Out of no where this guy comes up to me and randomly bites me!

  5. I’ve been bit by a vampire so i’ve also seen one. He just came in my room when I was sleeping. He bit me and then he casted a spell and disappeared. Now i’m being bit by a vampire sock no-

  6. i once think i saw a vampire: there was this guy runing down a side walk with a cape or something at night, and went to another neighborhood. i speed to the neighborhood the dude went, but alli saw was an object squeking across the sky.

  7. Once I saw a vampire sitting right next to me. It was like, “Dude! What up, your looking good today!”
    It was really just plain funny not scary. Now two years after that incounterment we’re still friends. He’s the best vampire ever! ๐Ÿ™‚