The Abominable Snowman (The stuff on this webpage is mentioned on page 59 of my book)
Poster for "The Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas" movieThe Abominable Snowman, a superhuman or ape-like creature, supposedly lives in the Himalayas, a mountain range in Asia that goes from Tibet all the way to India.

In Tibetan, they call this mythical monster Yeti (which comes from words that mean rocky place bear). But no one has found any good evidence that the Yeti exists. There are no photos, only some footprints in the snow that probably, IMO (in my opinion), came from some other animal or were put there to fool you and me and everyone else.

But I guess people like to be scared. That’s probably why there are made-up creatures like the Abominable Snowman…and films like The Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas. (It was made in 1957…and it looks like a really cheesy movie, if you know what I mean!)

In North America, there is a similar legend about a creature called Sasquatch or Big Foot. Canada put Sasquatch on a stamp in 1990. But there is no really convincing evidence about this guy, either.

Canadian sasquatch stampDo you think I’m wrong? Do you think these hairy humanoid creatures actually exist?

If you know anything or have an opinion about the Abominable Snowman, Yeti, Sasquatch or Big Foot, please tell me. I want to know what other kids think.

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

    1. Except there’s no such thing as a Bigfoot, so how can there be dermal ridges on something that doesn’t exist?

  1. I honestly think there is such thing as a bifoot or yeti. (Abonimable Snowman) Because of this TV show I used to watch. It proved that the bigfoot was real, by showing many video recordings of one and many footprints of one.

  2. Why is a yeti called a yeti if yeti means “rocky place bear”? People have no reason to be afraid of bear cubs, so why are they afraid of yeti?

  3. IT’S TRUE!!! I’ve been to the snowman and feet house! it’s half filled with snow half filled with SUPER BIG feet marks!!!

    Just kidding. A kid has to scare its self 😀

  4. Well, some people have had encounters with bigfoot or sasquatch, but maybe the are lairs or are just crazy but if you ever go hunting and see them, tell us. but natives of north america say sasquatch is the spirit of the forest if you feel like your being watched, thats him. but i sort of belive and i kinda dont. but thats IMO. so….. yea.

  5. Oh. I thought that an abominable snowman was a creature made of ice, hail, and snow. Did you do some research on this topic… most kids my age think so too. And so do some other adult authors?

    1. I did research it. I’ve heard of ice/hail/snow creatures. They are something else from fantasy stories. Lots of people think the Abominable Snowman is a real creature. (I don’t.)

  6. Lol there was a Tom and Jerry cartoon that showed that Bigfoot was actually a really small animal with HUGE feet.
    I don’t really have time to think about that kind of stuff though. I guess it COULD be real:D

  7. I do not believe in abominable snowmen. I believe in Bigfoot but not a abominable snowman.

  8. U know the show Finding Bigfoot, it doesn’t seem very true, i am still trying to figure out if he’s real or not!! Help me! Tell me if u know anything about him!!!!!!!!!!

  9. When I went to Disneyland I rode a ride called Matterhorn and at disneyworld I rode another yeti ride in animal kingdom called expedition Everest

  10. you came to my shool and told us about your books im reading your 2nd one now im on pg71 realy good book i can barley wait for the next one

  11. poptropica is awesome, been playing since 2007. also about bigfoot, my dad likes to say he saw it when he was little in oregon, but i dont believe him.

  12. I finished an island on poptropica about cryptids I save big foot and see a chupacabara I hate the part where I give away 1,000 bucks

    1. Hey on poptropica my name is CheesieMack10 add me also help me with some of the islands. Cheesie Mack was really the best book in the whole world. Hey, You came to my school(Mabel Hoggard Magnet School in Las Vegas and you gave me a signed by author book)

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