#2-Animalish words

My List of Animalish Words

In my book I wrote:

(In addition to sheepish, which means “sort of embarrassed,” I know piggish and wolfish. I wonder if there are other animalish words? I am putting a list of real and made-up ones on my website. You can help.)

Here’s how you can help. In your comments below, tell me your animalish word (real or made-up) along with: 1) a definition of what that word means or should mean, and 2) a sentence that can be fun or clever.

For example, I’m going to start with snailish, which I don’t think is a word, but if it were a word, it would mean really slow.

My grandfathers, neither of whom can run, had a totally snailish footrace.

Or how about eagleish, which I think would mean having excellent eyesight.

No one messes around in class because my eagleish teacher sees everything.

Go for it!

(Read over the comment list first to see what other kids have written. Some of them are really good, really clever, and really funny,)

Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. Dragonish? (really cool is what I came up with describes you!), Skunkish (really stinky, describes Goon!), and Crazy Book Wormish (describes me with your books!)

  2. Foxish, sneaky.
    Sluggish (an actual word).
    Wasplike, mean, “stings” you, bully, jerk, etc.

    • That’s interesting. I looked it up and “squirrely” is actually a word. It means having quick, jumpy movements and also quirky behavior like being odd or eccentric, strange, or just weird.

    • It actually is a real word (except it’s spelled with two Gs.
      DOGGISH [daw-gish, dog-ish]
      1. like a dog; canine: doggish affection.
      2. surly; mean: a doggish temper.
      3. stylish and showy.