Is That a Loon I Hear?

$1 Canadian loon stampLoons are waterbirds, like ducks. Their closest relatives are (you’ll be surprised…penguins!)

There are lots of loons in Maine, and there always seems to be a pair on Bufflehead Lake every summer.

Canadian "Loonie" dollar coinThe loon is the national bird of Canada. They put pictures of them on their stamps and on their one-dollar coins, which they call loonies!

Loons have a very unusual calls. Once you hear them, you will never forget them.


What do these sounds make you think of? You can tell me below.

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. the call, it reminds me of the werewolf … the laugh reminds me of when my sister tried to sound like a peacock. The common loon is very beautiful …. it is the one shown above

  2. Cheesie … why did the illustrator make Gorgeie look like a brainiac, witch is cool but … why?

  3. The first one sounds like a lunatic trying to sing, and the second sounds like a wolf, howling at a full moon.

  4. Hi!The loon in the picture is a common loon. There are many different types of loons. There is the common loon, the red throated loon, pacific loon,yellow billed loon, and the artic loon! The sound that it makes is just so pretty. 😉

    1. You know so much about birds! You are right. It is a common loon. Maybe you’ll become an ornithologist when you grow up.

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