#2-Strange names for body parts

Have you ever stubbed your hallux? And do you know where your axilla is? And if you stuck your nares under water, what would happen?

Amaze your friends with weird body knowledge! It’s called anatomy.

On this page, I have written down the strange (and true!) names for lots of parts of the body.

  1. iris—colored part of the eye.
  2. pinna—visible part of the ear.
  3. canthus—corners on either side of the eye, right where the upper and lower lids come together.
  4. glabella—flat area just above the nose, in between the eyebrows.
  5. naris—nostril (plural = nares).
  6. frenum—skinny band of tissue that connects the floor of the mouth to the underside of the tongue.
  7. gnathion—lowest point of the chin.
  8. pate—top of the head, crown.

  1. clavicle—collar bone
  2. axilla—armpit
  3. thorax—the part of the chest where the ribs are
  4. condyle—knuckle
  5. navel—bellybutton
  6. coccyx—tailbone (in the back)
  7. patella—kneecap
  8. hallux—big toe

You can comment on these weird names—and add your own—but please remember my parents, grandparents, and Aunt Brenda read all the comments, so don’t be rude or nasty.

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. I wasn’t the covor for your 1st book the picture of you and the pictures of evryone else? ps. what is your favorite computer game? my favorite is minecraft.

  2. thiers actullaly a musle in the part where you bend your arm(sorry dont know what its called.) its called the weinnise

  3. I’ve never heard of a lot of these but some of them are familiar like the clavical the patella and the navel. Really interesting stuff though. How did you find all of these definitions?
    P.S. Have you ever played Minecraft?
    P.P.S You said you played lacrosse at summer camp during the Cool Duel? I play lacrosse in petaluma on a team called the River Cats, did you enjoy lacrosse?

    • Answers to your questions:
      –I have a very cool chart on my wall that has lots of names of body parts.
      –Yes, but not very often because I am too busy writing. Georgie is very good at it, though.
      –It was the very first time I ever played lacrosse, so I stunk at it and mostly did nothing right.

  4. I am a dancer who dances every day of my life. I even have a competition coming up. Any way, just a tip, if you fall on your tailbone and bruise it keep ice on it. Also what helps alot is to try to walk it off. Last but not least, thank you for writting this book. At first i didn’t really like reading.Ever since our teacher starting reading it to us and when you cam to my school I got a book on my lexile and enjoyed reading it. Thank you for inspiring me. Wish me good luck at my dance competition! 🙂 Brianna