#2-Third book done…fourth book?

Third book done…
Will I write a fourth?

My third book is done. It is called Cheesie Mack Is Running Like Crazy! It is all about my adventures during the first few weeks of middle school. It was released June 2013. I am so psyched!

Will I write a fourth book?

YES! I already have.

I had another adventure. So I wrote like crazy. And even though there’s lots of homework in middle school, I got it done. It’s called Cheesie Mack Is Not Exactly Famous. (Lots of stuff about it is on this website. I bet you can find it even without my giving you a link right here.)

And thanks for reading my books. I really mean it. Because even if I don’t know your name, I am your friend.

(Maybe you could comment below and tell me about yourself or your school or something…or just say hi.)



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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. I have one question for you.
    this is really bothering me
    cuz if you are really eleven and you wrote those books than why does it say that the author of the books is Steve Cotler why doesn’t it say CHEESIE MACK?
    (or Ronald Mack)

    • There is some kind of rule about fictional kids being the author of books, so they put the Steve Cotler name on the books instead.

  2. i have already read 4th and 5th book they were great! cant wait for number 6 if u get time chessie! love your books they are the best i personaly would pick chessie mack over diary of a wimpy kid hope u write number 6 see u soon ,KAYDEN!!!!!!!

  3. You are and SHOULD write a 4th book, because i am going to Baltimore and i have to go into the hospital and i am in the process of reading your books and, ya, so you should totally write another one for me to read whale I’m in the hospital.