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Photo of a lemurI tried to do a report for science on lemurs, but I had already done one on primates…and since lemurs are primates, my teacher said I’d have to choose something else. This was bad because I had already read a book and seen a TV nature show about lemurs, so I had all this information jumping around in my head. Then we started doing poetry in language arts, and when we were give an assignment to write haiku poems, I knew exactly what to do.

Here’s my haiku about lemurs.

In Madagascar,
isolated by the sea,
lemurs thrived, then man.

From what I have read, before humans came to Madagascar, there were lemurs as large as gorillas. Now those big guys are extinct.

Map of Africa, with the island of Madagascar highlighted in red off its southeastern coast
Madagascar is the big red island

Most haiku poems have something to do with nature. They are composed of three unrhymed lines with 5-7-5 syllables. You could write a haiku about lemurs (or Madagascar—which most kids think is a just movie title, but it’s actually an island off the coast of Africa). Or you could write about nature…or anything else creative.

I would like to read it.

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    1. I hate to admit it, but YES. She is eight-grade vice president, has lots of friends, gets all A’s in school, and is the best dancer in her ballet school. I don’t know why, but she just doesn’t get along with me!

  1. DO lemers live in Africa and other places by Africa? Why was Ronald Lindermann chosen as the counselor? Why do you call Cheesie’s Grandpa Uncle Bud at camp? Btw we are reading your books as a part of therapy in speech therapy.

    1. Yes, lemurs live on Madagascar, which is an island off the coast of Africa.
      I don’t know why Linderman was hired.
      Because everyone else at camp calls him Uncle Bud.

  2. you know what? My class “Mrs Davis’s class is doing a report about different animals mine is an arctic fox,and I am doing it with my best friend Elena,and how an arctic fox adapts to the arctic.

  3. I have seen lemurs two times and at both times there were two lemurs. They are sooooooooo cute!!!!! lemurs they are cute very
    sometimes they are not
    they eat bugs off each-other

    How do you like that haiku? dancing lemurs are in the movie Madagascar. Have you seen the movie?P.S. ( that was not where I saw the lemurs, I saw them in real life.)

  4. The Sparrow
    The graceful bird flies
    like scattered flowers in spring
    weaving through the breeze

  5. I think lemurs are just monkeys with a triangleish face. They are cute I love animals. Sorry if I sounded kind of like a smart (as in rude) kid when I said that.

  6. Um hey cheesie i would think lemurs are careful creatures i live in australlia and i have a pet lemur could you give me some helpful tips

    1. Last time I went to the zoo I wanted to watch lemurs, but they were all sleeping. I guess because they are night-time creatures. Mr. Amato, my science teacher, told me some zoos use special lighting to fool the nocturnal (night-time) creatures into thinking daytime is really night. Then you can see them in action. Cool, huh?

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