#2-Marci’s texting

Marci’s texting: who, what, or why?

In the last chapter of Cheesie Mack Is Cool in a Duel, I wrote:

After I hung up I realized there was one thing about the Hack I never understood. If there was no twin brother Marcus, who or what was Marci texting? If you have an idea, please go to my website and tell me.

So, what do you think was going on?

Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. Marci was texting friends to say all about georgie. Maybe she wasn’t texting, just playing on her phone.

    • Cheesie, you shouldn’t have agreed to do it. you should’ve investigated first then agreed.

      • You are absolutely right. But sometimes kids don’t think first. And I guess that’s what I did.

  2. you said that she was smiling and then she made a frown when you came in the room, so I don’t think it was her mom. she didn’t have a twin, so, Duh! She wasn’t texting. She was playing a game on her phone and since she was from the city, maybe she couldn’t adjust to her new environment. DUH!!

  3. i know! she mentioned her mom living with her. i know moms of only 1 child tend to be over protective. i think her mom told her to text her every day so she didnt worry.

  4. I think that she was texting one of her friends about Georgie and how she wanted to date him or whatever,
    Sometimes I don’t understand girls
    Correction: I almost always don’t understand girls

  5. I think that she was texting her friends from new york and saying how dumb georgie and cheesie were for helping them

  6. one thing lana said leads me to this. she said that after marci met ee-gorg (georgie), she thought he was really cute, so she must have been texting georgie’s phone because of her crush on him.

    • That couldn’t be. Otherwise, Georgie would’ve seen her texts on his phone when he went to the computer room.

  7. She wasn’t texting anyone. They just did it to spend rime with george and Cheesie!

  8. I have 2 theories

    #1: i think that she might have been texting her mom because that might have been her closest family member and she really missed her mom.

    #2: or i think she might have been texting a friend of hers, a friend that didn’t come to camp and she missed and wanted to talk to.

    • possibly because it’s hard to adapt to a new place when you haven’t gotten much family.