#2-Marci’s texting

Marci’s texting: who, what, or why?

In the last chapter of Cheesie Mack Is Cool in a Duel, I wrote:

After I hung up I realized there was one thing about the Hack I never understood. If there was no twin brother Marcus, who or what was Marci texting? If you have an idea, please go to my website and tell me.

So, what do you think was going on?

Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. hEY PEOPLES WHO HERE LIKES MY NAME! IT IS MY ACTUAll name seriously cheesy has a great sister

  2. I think she was doing something that wasn’t texting her brother so it was her evil twin

  3. She could have been playing a game because all phones have to be in the computer room and she told you not to watch her so she must have wanted to keep it a secret. Maybe she was just taking notes about camp and she wanted to be with Georgie because the boys and the girls don’t get to see each other very often.

    • Taking notes. Wow. I never thought of that. Maybe SHE was writing a book, too.

  4. This is a long shot…… well, here goes.

    Maybe Georgie was in on it. Cuz, u know how Georgie was all like, “come in Cheesie, come on, no harm done!!!!” when the girls asked, maybe Marci was texting Georgie so that he could read them when he got home from camp, and they were LOOOVE texts, and gEORGIE KNEW IT CUZ mARCI SECRETLY TOLD HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry, lol, caps lock got messed up a little… LOL

  5. I think she was texting her mom or was not even texting anyone she just wanted to be with Georgie

  6. She could have been just trying to stay near you guys since Lana said at the end of the book that Marci liked georgie. She probably wanted to stay near Georgie and be by him. Ps: I love this book and this is the only book I’ve read in these series. It’s awesome but My LIBRARY DOESNT HAVE ANYMORE BOOKS FOR YOUR SERIES!!!!! Lol please answer

    • Ask your librarian to get the rest. Or you could ask her to incite me to visit your school. I’ll come!

  7. I really wanna know who she is texting. Maybe it is her friend, note or maybe even her mother.

  8. she could have ben playing a game that’s why she told you to not watch her or she could have been texting her friends saying how much fun she is having

  9. Mabye she was working for the ECF elite camp force and Lana dident know because she told her she was gonna give her something and that will try to destroy you
    BTW did this realy happen

    • That is a really imaginative idea. Wow…I wonder if Marcie actually has a secret identity. Yes, my books are realistic fiction, so everything is absolutely real.

    • But Georgie would’ve told me. And anyway I was with him all the time. And he didn’t have his phone. So that can’t be right.

  10. You said that she was typing really quickly. Maybe she wasn’t typing at all. Maybe she was just using you guys just to be near her.

    • I think Marcie was texting her brother and she actually has a brother not a twin tho or she was playing cookie clicker because you need to tap really fast for that game