#2-Milk Duds

Vote for Your Favorite Movie Candy…and Why Are They Called Milk Duds?

Want to vote for your favorite movie-eating candy? I’m doing a poll. You can vote below.

My favorite? Milk Duds.

Dud is a great word. It means something that fails to work properly or is otherwise unsatisfactory or worthless.

“The firecracker was a dud. It didn’t explode or anything.”

It can also refer to a person.

“Our quarterback is such a dud. He can barely throw a pass.”

Since the word is so negative, why would a candy maker name its product Milk Duds?

This is what the box looked like when Granpa was a kid

I looked it up, and it’s because back in the 1920s the company that invented them wanted perfectly round caramels coated with milk chocolate…and no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t make them look like that. So they called them Milk (chocolate) Duds.

Granpa ate Milk Duds at the movies when he was a kid. The package was different then because they were made by a different company. I wondered if today’s Milk Duds were the same as in the olden days, so I gave him one of mine to taste. Here is his review:

“Not like I remember. The caramel’s the same, but I don’t know…the chocolate tastes different.”

So Granpa and I did some research and found out that Hershey’s doesn’t use cocoa butter (that’s the oily part of the cocoa bean) anymore. Now they use vegetable oil. Without cocoa butter—the government says—chocolate isn’t really chocolate. So Hershey’s is not allowed to say Milk Duds are covered with chocolate. All they can say (look at the box at the top) is “chocolatey covered.”

Granpa says that proves they really are duds.


(Voting is below the images.)

goodandplentygummywormsjelly bean


milk dudsraisinetstwizzlers

reesescandy barsno caps

sour patchstartburst

Here’s my movie-eating candy poll. The choices are in alphabetical order. Pick one!

But if you or anyone else in your house has already voted, you don’t get to vote again (all the voting choices will disappear…cool, huh?). You can come back to look at the poll results as many times as you want.

What is your favorite movie-eating candy?

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. Hey Ronald love your books and did you know I love sno caps😜😝😝👌👌👌

    • I like SnoCaps too. My Granpa told me he especially likes candies that have descriptive names. I guess SnoCaps are supposed to be like the tops of mountains.

  2. I love your books they are great! Could you make more books about cheesie in middle school

    • Thanks, Izzy!
      Are you commenting from Singapore?
      I have been to Australia, but never to Singapore or Malaysia or Indonesia.

  3. I love Cheesie Mack because I think it is funny sometimes.If you coment me that would be GREAT!If you write a nuther one I can’t wate to hear it.

  4. Hey Cheesie you write the best stories ever please write more!If you worked in a candy factory what would be the flavor of your candy?Why don’t you ever call your annoying sister June?!?!

  5. did you and Georgie really plot to mess up your gradation party with mice? You and Georgie are the best

  6. Hi Cheesie! How are you doing? I just wanna ask (Doing the same thing that Gerogie did the first time he wrote in your 4th book!)how did you get so good at writing? also what is they made Strawberry Milk Duds?

    • I’ve been asked thousands of questions, but you’re the first to ask me that one. Hmmm.
      I guess it’s part natural and part practice. It’s like sports or music or dance. You have to have some talent to start with, but then you really have to practice (A LOT!)

      I started writing when I was in 1st grade (my first stories are terrible!), but with practice, I got better.

      As for Strawberry Milk Duds, YUM! You should write to the Hershey Company and suggest it.
      I looked it up. Here’s the link to contact them:

  7. Also i saw a comment asking someone else if they lived in canada and if they did if you could visit their school. I live in canada and it would be awesome if you could come to my school (once i get back to school) if my principal allows me to set it up

  8. Hi Cheesie I love Your Books i think there one of the best books I’ve read!! And Whats Your Favourite candy out of the choices above

    • Milk Duds! (But my dentist says NO-NO because they are sticky enough to pull out fillings!)

  9. Hi Cheesie! Your books are really funny. I binge-read them. One of my favorite candies is milk duds, but I can’t eat them with braces(oh no!:( ) When I was little I made up a word too. I made it up because I would be mad at my parents for spelling around me, like saying that I was T-I-R-E-D, and should probably go to S-L-E-E-P. So I made up the word pomojok, (sounds like peeohemohjayohkay), my own version of spelling around them. It means that you are doing ok.

  10. WHAAAAAAAT?? I thought they were called Milk Duds because they didn’t get high sales when they started out.

  11. HEY! Cheesie! I loved ur book! Iam on the fourth one! The 2nd one is my favoritee! I cant believe georgie fell in the toilet!! hahhaahhahaha! Also, pick one, light blue, green, or red?

  12. my dad loves heath bares, but the problem with toffee is that whenever you open the package, they break. 🙁

  13. I love milk duds
    I just read your book 4 it’s great
    You came to my school once and sighned my book
    How old is goon??????? Aka June