Vote for Your Favorite Movie Candy…and Why Are They Called Milk Duds?

Milk DudsWant to vote for your favorite movie-eating candy? I’m doing a poll. You can vote below.

My favorite? Milk Duds.

Dud is a great word. It means something that fails to work properly or is otherwise unsatisfactory or worthless.Dynamite stick

“The firecracker was a dud. It didn’t explode or anything.”

footballIt can also refer to a person.

“Our quarterback is such a dud. He can barely throw a pass.”

Since the word is so negative, why would a candy maker name its product Milk Duds?

An old box of Milk Duds
This is what the box looked like when Granpa was a kid

I looked it up, and it’s because back in the 1920s the company that invented them wanted perfectly round caramels coated with milk chocolate…and no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t make them look like that. So they called them Milk (chocolate) Duds.

Granpa ate Milk Duds at the movies when he was a kid. The package was different then because they were made by a different company. I wondered if today’s Milk Duds were the same as in the olden days, so I gave him one of mine to taste. Here is his review:

“Not like I remember. The caramel’s the same, but I don’t know…the chocolate tastes different.”

So Granpa and I did some research and found out that Hershey’s doesn’t use cocoa butter (that’s the oily part of the cocoa bean) anymore. Now they use vegetable oil. Without cocoa butter—the government says—chocolate isn’t really chocolate. So Hershey’s is not allowed to say Milk Duds are covered with chocolate. All they can say (look at the box at the top) is “chocolatey covered.”

Granpa says that proves they really are duds.

(Voting is below the images.)

Good & PlentyGummy worms (or bears)Jelly beansJunior MintsLifesaversM&M'sMilk Duds (My favorite!)RaisinetsTwizzlers or RedvinesReese's PiecesAny Mars candy barSno CapsSour Patch KidsStarburst

Here’s my movie-eating candy poll. The choices are in alphabetical order. Pick one!

But if you or anyone else in your house has already voted, you don’t get to vote again (all the voting choices will disappear…cool, huh?). You can come back to look at the poll results as many times as you want.

What is your favorite movie-eating candy?

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Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. I picked “other” because I really like everlasting gobstoppers.

    From, Thingymajigger

  2. Cheesie plz respond: No offense but I REALLY think Lana Shen like likes you!!!! no to be mean……. XD

  3. I love how Milk Duds are creamy on the outside and is gooey on the inside with caramal.The only part i hate about them is, they get stuck in your teeth!

    1. Yes! Me too. My dentist said he does NOT like Milk Duds for exactly that reason.

    1. I bet lots of your friends (the ones who LOVE LOVE LOVE chocolate) think you are totally weird. But people are different and have different tastes…so there!

  4. I say other because i like a lot of candy so i will tell you like this. My favorite candies are: cookie dough bites, junior mints, m&ms, popcorn[but i cant eat it because i have braces]:[. I also love some other candy that i cant think of at the moment but i will think of them later.

  5. wow i didn’t know Georgie could post. I’m in love with your books, Cheesie. BTW: I saw the picture of Georgie on page 35, he IS alot taller than you!

    1. Georgie doesn’t post much, but sometimes… And, duh, he is WAAAAY taller
      than I am. He is second tallest in our school.

  6. The reason that they call milk duds,milk duds in my opinion is because they are duds. I just don’t like them for some reason.

  7. I love chocolate covered raisins. Does that count as the “raisins” on the voting thingy?

  8. I looove movie candy. By the way, I like the drawings of Georgie and Cheesie in the book. If Cheesie (or Georgie…) drew them, then he is a GREAT artist!!

    1. Marci lives in New York City.
      Lana has never been inside my house.
      Uncle Bud is actually the same as Granpa…and maybe yeah, he could.
      But Georgie is right here, so here goes.

  9. I chose sour patch kids but i like the sourpatch watermelons better, but they both taste really good!

    1. I don’t know I saw it on a tv show I think it means when you do something rong you give them milk duds

  10. cheesie can you tell this to Goon.i just wanted to say that goon is really nasty,really ugly?,and rreeaeaaalllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyykjunfjhwbfjkgujhfbvkhudyfhgvbhligkfsbvjb.tnx cheesie

    1. You are right she is nasty to me. But she is not ugly. My sister is actually very pretty. I would never say that to her, but it’s kind of true.

    1. Absolutely not. She is NEVER allowed to write anything on my website because the last time I did, she was rude, insulting, nasty, and mean.

    2. That’s a good question. Maybe when I’m way ahead…or when Goon turns into a nice sister. Or maybe NEVER!

  11. I love others and m’y fav is sour strings i can scarf down a packet of thouse and they really are not sour and my class in library is on the 3rd chapter p.s. I LOVE CHESSIE MACK

    1. Very true! They are too sour. My dentist doesn’t like them AT ALL! He says they are bad for teeth, especially if you have fillings.

  12. My favorite is junior mints! PS,and all the chocolate stuff, ’cause im a chocoholic! PPS, Chocoholic means you are addicted to chocolate! PPPS, which do you like better, vanilla or chocolate?

    (Plz respond. :D)

    1. This is Georgie. I am over at Cheesie’s house and I am the true authority on candy and ice cream, not Cheesie. I like all kinds of ice cream. Every flavor except one time I had garlic ice cream and it was disgusting. Cheesie mostly likes ice cream and candy with nuts in it. He likes vanilla AND choc.

    1. This is Georgie. I am over at Cheesie’s house and I decided I wanted to write some comments too and Cheesie said I could. So he is sitting on his bed playing with Deeb. Hi, Anber (which I think is a very unusual name).

    1. My favorite candy is actually Abba Zaba, which is really hard to find. The are taffy candy bars with peanut butter centers.
      (I’m weird!)

    2. Sometimes I get really busy, and if there are a lot of comments, I just can’t keep up. (But I still like Abba Zaba candy.)

  13. I love Good & Plentys, but I know most people don’t. I am a licorice lover, the real stuff, which I can get online now. But I would never turn down a tasty Milk Dud!

  14. Steve Cotler, It was a delight to meat you today at Cutler School in New Hampshire. I make alot of books my self, but none of them can compare to neather of your books. I have been thinking about what you said about how you said you made both your Chesie Mack books, and I will take and remember your advise for as long as I shall live. So for that I thank you, and I think it go’s for all the other kids in the whole school. Sincerely, Tyler .N

    1. Thanks, Tyler. I really appreciate you long and intelligent comment. Good luck with your writing.

    1. No way! Lifesavers are rock-hard candy. I know.
      Georgie once dared me to eat a whole roll at one time and I almost broke my teeth. DO NOT TRY IT!

  15. i couldnt choose between gummies,sour patch, or jelly beans


  16. There are these candies that are really spicy. My mom and dad eat them a lot. They said that they ate them when they were little. We bought them in downtown Chicago. I don’t eat them but my parents do. You should try one Cheesie, see if one burns your mouth. 🙂

    1. My mom loves these spicy candies too, I wonder if they’re the same. They are called Hot Tomales.

  17. i LOVE milk duds too but i can’t vote again. And do you know if hershey’s chocolate is really chocolate?? or what the milk duds are covered in?

    1. I have no Idea but,I remembered that its called an astras (doesn’t have any thing to do with your question)

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