#2-robotics club

My Fifth-Grade Robotics Club

I was working on this page as a summer project. I said it would be ready before school started in the fall.

I promised.

But I didn’t get it finished.

I am lame. I will try harder.

Comments from my Readers & Friends

  1. i WAS IN A FOX VALLEY ROBOTICS COMPETITION, MY GROUPS NAME WAS Pro-Grammers get it? my friends in the group were Pranav, jimmy, Elijah, AND SAMMEAR. (aLL BOYS GROUP.)

  2. I am in FLL, a robotics NX3 Mindstorm club. We use Lego robots, programming with the Graphics language. We started using ultrasonic sensors, and it is really fun. How was yours?

  3. hi cheesie your the best at writeing books i got one aand 2 im on 1 its funny how gorgie is funny like when it was the last day he did boreing stuff i suck at tipeing plz write back love annemarie 🙂 <3 <3 <3

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  5. my brother got a lego mindstorm kit for his b-day (in case you where wondering what that is, LOOK IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!)